My Juicing Journey

Recipes, Tips, and Useful Information


As I begin the process of juicing, I will post any information I discover along the way on this page. For example, what does it take to prepare to juice. What ingredients do I need to buy? How much will it cost? All of that and more I will keep you updated on in this section of the blog.

I am still working on the vagaries of this template and of wordpress in general, till then,

copy and save this as you need to then you can print it out and use this each time you go to the store. Join the Journey.

everything will be posted as a link from this page.

– I started my juicing journey by using information from the reboot entry program at  While they had good info and a good menu plan.  I wanted to know what I needed to buy.  I do not like grocery shopping and try to do it as few times as possible.  In addition I live in a very rural area and it is 20 minutes to the grocery store, so I will not be buying items just a few meals at a time.  That said, for those of you who like a list, here are the items needed for the reentry program, and for days 6-10 of juicing. You will ahve to adjust the quantities purchased to fit your needs and tastes, but these are the items you will need to look for at the store.  Hope this helps, and happy juicing!



One thought on “Recipes, Tips, and Useful Information

  1. I find it really interesting reading other people’s lists and then researching the foods I don’t recognise or know. There are a lot of them on your list – eating in New Zealand is quite different to the US!

    But in the end, the message is clear – lots of fresh veggies and fruit, with spices and plain seasonings. Yum yum!

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