My Juicing Journey

What is myjuicingjourney


As the name implies, this is a journey. Like all really good journeys, you’re never quite sure where it will lead. I know my goal, but I know neither how long it will take, or what the travel will look like. It’s a perfect road trip, so crank up the Haggard, the Springsteen, the Mellencamp or the Strait, and let’s hit this road together.

I am a 44-year-old male who has battled the physical and psychological effects of obesity most of my life. Like most juicer-come-latelies, I began my journey by watching the incredible movie “Fat Sick and Nearly Dead.” While Joe’s story inspired me, it was Phil’s that got me thinking, “now’s the time!”

That was six months ago…like I said. It is a journey.

This blog will be honest, straightforward and direct. It will include pictures that my kids and my mom would probably prefer it did not. It will be part science, part psychology, part confessional, and 100% my journey. I have no axe to grind, no pills to sell, no endorsements of any kind to promote. But for those of you who have watched the scales climb higher and higher, I hope, in this you can find your motivation to do, to be, to become.

People have asked me why I am doing this, well for one, I want a record on which to look back. On days that suck, I want to flip back and see from where I came and remind myself where I am going. Also, the bible (in which I am a firm believer) refers to the importance of accountability. So you, if you are reading this, are the iron upon which I am sharpened. You, by my vulnerability to you and by my exposure to you, will help keep me moving forward.

So, as I stated at the beginning, I don’t know where this road will take us, but I do know my destination.

1) I will run marathons and mini-marathons again.

2) I will shop for clothes at “normal” stores.

3) I will break the bonds of inertia.

4) I will set the example for my children, my family, and my friends on healthy lifestyle choices.

5) I will quit sleeping with an apnea mask.

6) I will clear up my skin and medical conditions that have ravage my legs.

7) I will help as many others as I can.

8) Finally, I will weigh 225 lbs.

So, there you have it. that is me in a nutshell. That is my goal and my destination. I have taken the keys back to my life, I am climbing into this car and together we will travel…


2 thoughts on “What is myjuicingjourney

  1. Loved the “red cup redo” song you and your kids did and I really love your blog too.
    It’s nice to read about your commitment to a healthier you. I just started this same journey three days ago. Wow! I am discovering more about myself than I care to admit and it’s only day three!!! Thanks for the inspiration and I will enjoy reading your blog and cheering you on.

    • hey thanks for joining the journey. glad ot ahve you aboard. If you think you are learning about yourself now, wait until you are sitting there sipping on mean green while your friends all eat! Talk about a rude education! it really makes you reconsider lot of stuff. of course, all the bathroom time you get during the detox phase is also good for introspection! 😉

      Seriously, glad to have you on board and feel free to join in the discussion. you can also join us on facebook at if you do go over to FB, make sure you click “like” on that page. I need ot get the number of fans up so I qualify for a better address. thanks.

      Best of luck and the best of health to you.

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