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I’m Back

I know I said on my FB page that i would not start blogging again.  And, I am not going to with the same dogged vengeance that I did last year.  i just don’t have the time.  Actually that is a lie.  i do have the time.  we all have the time to do whatever it is that we deem important. We all have the same twenty four hours and it is up to us to determine how we will spend them.  So, I am choosing to spend my allotted hours in different ways. But I will swing by once a week and update everyone who has been so kind to follow this blog and to check in, even during my absence.

So, here’s the deal.  I did the full 90 day reboot last year and it was a good thing.  I am back to juicing, but I am not making it a “challenge” or a “goal oriented thing” like it did last time.  The problem with me is that once I reach a goal.  i mentally check out and say “Done”.  So, if I have a goal this go round it is this.

I want to make juicing a natural part of who I am and what I do.  If I lose weight (and i know I will) that is fine.  But i want to incorporate it into my everyday and into my personality and my own likes. For example…i have lived with me long enough to know this…I am a carnivore.  I like meat.

I have lived with the lie that i have to be “either, or”  that is, i have to be a carnivore or a vegetarian or some other extreme.  I am trying to focus on sustainability.  To create a lifestyle that I can maintain for ever.  So, I will eat a proper meal at night…if I want to…but I do not have to.  My other meals…well, I’ll juice, I eat nuts and fruit, cottage cheese, greek yogurt, veg plates.  Whatever.  But eat the good stuff that my body needs for proper fuel.

I am also working in more and more activity.  Doing recreational things on Saturdays that get me out in nature where I am happiest.  If I am not in great shape and i have to stop frequently on my hikes, so what.  i will get better, I will improve my endurance.  This aint about racing anyone, or having a fixed time i have to beat or a number on a scale i ahve to reach.  this is about me.  this is about the rest of my life.  it about time.

Speaking of which, the missus has agreed to start drinking a beet juice with me every afternoon for our BP….so its time to go make that.

Juice On, join the journey.

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3 thoughts on “I’m Back

  1. Hi there I am about to start a juicing journey tomorrow. Good luck on yours. This is my first ever blog and I’m hopefully gonna keep a record even if its just for myself.

  2. Well, great to have you back blogging as it fits into your priorities. I think your thinking about sustainability and making health a part of who you are is a huge step! Create your eating plan that works for you. Create your exercise plan that works for you. Good stuff. I too have been doing beet juice for bp!! My favorite ultimate “orange” juice is – 2 oranges, 2 carrots and 1 golden beet. It’s beautiful and delicious. Welcome back.

    • Somebody else mentioned golden beets to me today on my FB page. Never heard of these. Do they have the same bp lowering properties? Do they have the same antioxidants that we associate with purple/red fruits and veg.

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