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I Broke 100 and Two Other Significant Things Not Related to Weight Loss.

So, I did it. Yesterday at approximately 7:47 PM EDT.  I Broke 100.  This time though, I am not talking about my weight, though I assume my weight loss has had something to do with it.

Let me explain.

The first time I ever played golf was in 1986. I was a recent high school graduate.  My brother was home for a visit and he invited me to go play golf with him.  He had recently picked up the game and was hooked.  He was constantly looking for any excuse he could to play.  So he invited me out to the local municipal par 3 course in Carlsbad, NM.

I went. 

Now, you have to understand that my brother is a gamer.  He is one of those people who can be told the rules of a brand new game and within an hour he has figured out the angles, the strategies, and what to do to win.  He just always wins…AT EVERYTHING.  It can be kinda frustrating living in that environment.  He never played organized sports to my knowledge, but he was king of the pick-up games and of the rec fields at everything.

So we went to the little patch of hard-scrabble known loosely as a golf course.  It was after all just a municipal course in the middle of a desert. It was a fun course to play though if you did not mind the occasional distraction of prairie dogs running off with your ball! I don’t know how it happened, why the golf gods smiled on me, or if it was just their way of tormenting me.  But I beat my brother that day, by 1 stroke.  That was it.  I had finally beaten him at something.  I was hooked.

My love affair with golf has ben tenuous at best ever since.  It is a cruel mistress.  Add to that my weight battle, my enormous gut, and my common response when invited to play, was “The problem I have with golf is if I get the ball close enough I can reach it, I can’t see it and if I get it out where I can see it, I can’t reach it.”  Furthermore, taking a 470 lb guy out into the sun with 90 degree temperatures and 87% humidity in the summer and asking him to count strokes seems like the punchline to a bad joke.

So, long and short of it. I played last Thursday for my first time in 4-5 years.  On top of that, I actually beat my Son by 2 strokes, a feat which is just as incredible as it was beating my brother 25 years or so ago. My son is just as naturally athletically gifted as my brother. We had a cart, but I ended up walking most of the course.  We played the back 9 and I shot a 62.  

I beat my son. Like the days of my youth, spurred on by victory, I am again hooked.

I played him again Monday.  We played the front nine.  I shot a 64 but beat him by 4 strokes.  Our scores are obviously abysmal, which is completely beside the point.

I am out, in public, doing something roughly athletic, wearing shorts, and getting more exercise than I have in years.

Yesterday, I called my son but he was not interested…something about a new girlfriend, spending time, blah, blah blah….you can spend time with women folk in the winter, right now its golf season ;-)! So he didn’t go.  But, undeterred, I went by myself.  I bogied 12, 13, 14, and 18 and I drove the green on a Par 3 and cleared all the water hazards, most on my drive. Scored after 18…99!

To those of you who don’t golf…wake up!  the boring part is over.  Again, this is not about golf, not really, this is about reclaiming my life.  One step, one swing at a time.  As I mentioned in my last post, I am on to a new phase in my juicing journey.  Exercise is beginning to factor in as a lot greater part of my regimen.  This is one thing I can do that is so fun that it doesn’t feel like exercise.  It is time outdoors, in fresh air and sunshine and who knows, maybe me game will improve with some regularity on the links.  The gym is waiting on me but the doc says I need to drop another 50 pounds first.  So, one step at a time, one activity at a time and we’ll get there.

As far as the other two items of note:  Last Sunday was a special occaision at my church so I wore a suit, or at least as close as I will ever come to it.  I normally attend church in business casual attire.  Part of it is preference, part of it is tilting at sanctimonious windmills, and part of it is the old view of myself that at my size no matter what I wear, it is gonna look like a gunny sack. 

But on this occasion, I wore a suit.  Not just any suit.  This was a surprise and a hidden goal that I had not told anyone about.  BUT, I wore the exact same suit last Sunday that I wore to my wedding 6.5 years ago!  I can now proudly say that I am the man my wife married!  You know what, that felt good.  And I must say, for a gunny sack it looked pretty good, too!

Last note.  When you are my size, you don’t measure yourself with measuring tape.  You take notice of other things and keep score by them.  the other things even hold more significance for you that the scales cause these are real life everyday things.

So, last week I had to move my car from where it was parked to the driveway while my son mowed the lawn. I had not driven this car in a month, ever since I bought my new truck, (which reminds me, anyone wanna buy a 2007 PT Cruiser) but I had to drive it this day. So I climbed in the front seat, and it was too far back!  I had to adjust the seat.  The way that I had to arrange everything to allow me to fit in it (seat, seat recline, tilt steering wheel, etc) no longer worked.  I had to scoot the seat forward and straighten the seat back.  I am proud to say I can now wear a PT Cruiser!!!  Woo Hoo!  See! No measuring tape can tell you things like that, but they are big deals and those of us struggling with morbid obesity appreciate them.  Next goal, sitting three people comfortably in the front seat of my truck.

What goals do you have for your weight, or more importantly.  They may not be goals like mine of wearing an old suit, playing a silly game, or fitting in your car.  But whatever they are, they are yours and are worthy of your effort.  Go for it.  make today the day that you begin.

Juice On; Join the Journey!

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5 thoughts on “I Broke 100 and Two Other Significant Things Not Related to Weight Loss.

  1. congrats on it all – the golf and the pt cruise “fit”…love it. Made me smile!!

  2. Carolyn on said:

    Wow! and Wow!! How cool on both of these milestones!!!! And Mark will definitely have a challenge golf game waiting so you better keep hitting the links!!! We continue to make and keep better eating habits and know our food so much better than before. I”m almost at 20 lbs loss and glad to be seeing things fit differently. That’s more of a milestone for me than the digital numbers that pop up briefly on the scales. Hope this great weather gets us all out more for some enjoyable times and exercise in the process. You are such an inspiration and that’s doesn’t need to be one of your goals but it is a result! I said no to at least 3 unhealthy things since your legalism/freedom post! So in case no one tells you, many are reading and all are inspired. Thanks bro! Love you!

  3. Congratulations on your hard fought battle thus far. It’s a well deserved victory over such a fierce enemy. You’re an inspiration to many I’m sure. Good luck & God Bless

  4. Milestones can really make the journey worthwhile – keep on at them, and I look forward to reading about the next ones you make! 🙂

  5. luvbug on said:

    No, you are definitely not simply the man your wife married again. You are soooo…much better than that! My husband and I actually began our own juicing journey on this day. As I write this I am realizing that we are now two weeks into juicing, I have gone from 222 to 209.2, my husband’s blood sugar now stays below 150 and is usually between 90 & 120 ( with no meds!), blood pressure 120-140/70-80(again without the meds!) and we are feeling better than ever! Although I did not find your blog until last Thursday/Friday, your journey, and the sharing of your days(good & bad), really was my inspiration for us to continue from our 10 day “cleanse” on into a full 60 day juice diet with a firm comittment to ourselves to follow that with a juice/whole food, healthy diet for life. Thank you from the bottom of our hearts for endeavoring to take this journey and for allowing us to hitch a ride!

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