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We’ve Only Just Begun

So here I sit, on the back-end of my 75 day experiment with my juice fast.  (15 day entry period + 60 day juicing).  Whew! it has been a journey. And I must say, the view from up here is incredible. 

Here is the final tally. 

Weight Loss: 98 lbs.  Much ado was made about me reaching the 100# mark.  Which I obviously did not do.  However, when I first started the program, my goal was to kick start my weight loss with a 60# loss on juice.  When I hit that number with still almost 30 days to spare, I had to set a new goal.  So I did not reach my secondary goal, but I came mighty dern close and I did hit my original.  And, I am that much closer to my ultimate goal of 245 lbs!!!

BP:  Blood pressure has stabilized at 128/56.  that is down from 187/110

Cholesterol is in the 110’s, the good cholesterol is rockin’ and the bad cholesterol is almost non-existent.

Protein Levels:  Stable but still slightly on the low side, as I reintroduce chicken fish and occasional red meat that will normalize.

Blood Sugar:  this number has fallen from the 118, borderline pre-diabetic, down to 86.  I can live with that.

All of these changes have been made in just 75 days with no meds and no doctors visits except to monitor my progress.

If this had been a physical journey, like a vacation or a road trip, this would be the part where I pull out my slide show and invite everyone over to the house to see where we’d been and what we had done.

In some respects it is the end of one thing (and that is never fun) and the beginning of something else (which is always fun, but still nerve-wracking). Gone are the days of not having to think much about what I am ingesting.  Seriously, for those of you considering juicing, once you get the logistic figured out, it really is easy.  Since my faith in Christ is such an important part of my life, I often draw analogies to it in all of my experiences.  this is no different.  The “juicing” portion of this plan is incredibly easy.  Being legalistic always is.  Once you get accustomed to the “Thou Shalt Nots” of this world, everything else falls into place.  Living in a world of grace and license also is easy.  In my former days when everything was permissible and I ate to satisfying a feeling, a sensation, or an emotion that was easy as well.  I simply said “if it feels good do it” to borrow a phrase from the 70’s.

These days, now two days into it, life is harder.  I no longer have the crutch of the legalistic framework of juicing.  But having been exposed to the light and truth of health living a life of excess is no longer an option either.  This “middle ground” is tough to maintain.

I am finding that the old habits are lurking around every corner and I no longer have the “chair and whip” of exclusively juicing to back the lions into the corner of the cage. Now I am having to do it, not because it is part of a regimented program but because it is the right thing to do.  It is challenging.

What also makes it a challenge is when I do stray off of a “good path” and nothing happens.  By that I mean, let’s say I eat a normal hamburger with mayonnaise and made from 80/20 ground beef with french fries.  The experience is nice, even decadent.  At first I feel the twinges of guilt and second-guessing.  But, then, I wake up in the morning and see no difference in the scale.  That is when it gets really dangerous; actions without consequences!  The problem is, even in unseen ways, I know it IS having consequences.  Additionally, ‘getting away with it’ makes it easier to give in or justify it the next time…and the next…and the next.

In my former days I was always amazed.  I would go through the entire year and not gain a pound, then suddenly I would gain 7-14 pounds “overnight”.  This happened for years.  Honestly this is how I got the point of weighing 470 lbs.  These mystery spikes.  Gaining 10 pounds may not seem like much and in the grand scheme it probably is not.  But when you do it year after year for 10, 15, 20 years you suddenly end up 200 lbs over weight.

Juicing is now a part of my life.  I will never again be completely without it and I will once a quarter go on a 15-20 day juice fast. Juice will also comprise 1-2 meals a day every day. This is a life change and a lifetime for me.  I feel to good to ever go back.

(Interestingly, I ate wheat this past week for the first time since jan 10th.  My face broke out with a mild rash and the red blotchy places of old, my rash on my thighs returned, and my knee pain returned.  Wheat, for me, is now verbotten.  I just can’t have it if I want to be at optimum health.)

One part of the journey has ended, but it was only the first step, the first leg, in what is to be an even longer, tougher, but ultimately more rewarding journey.

(and I will keep on blogging about it)

Juice On, Join the Journey!

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2 thoughts on “We’ve Only Just Begun

  1. Congratulations! Well done. What an enormous kick start to regaining your health! I’m glad you will continue to blog as you progress towards your destination of 245 loss.
    You are right about all choices having consequences – good or bad. Interestingly enough, the consequence is not always immediate which can lead us to mistakenly believe or hope that there won’t be a consequence! If we make a poor choice and the bad consequence doesn’t happen right away we are subtly pleased. If we make a good choice and the good consequence doesn’t happen right away, we are overtly displeased! Which means, we just need to keep our eye on the choice and the consequences will come.
    Good choice + good choice + good choice+ good choice+ good choice+ good choice+good choice+good choice= BIG Results.

    You wrote not long ago about staying inside safe parameters that have been set for us. God’s ways are always in our best and safest interests aren’t they? I’ve really thought and prayed along time about that statement your wrote. As I processed, God placed in me a deep desire for safety and freedom and peace without confusion or turmoil. Thanks for writing a “seed” that led to a serious breakthrough in my life spiritually!!

  2. Wow, great job! I am planning a juice fast and I am so inspired by your blog!

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