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Everything Old is New Again

It is kinda funny, but there are several things that I used to do out of habit and never really thought about, until I could do them no longer.  Then I reached the point – psychologists would call it adaption – that it no longer bothered me I just got used to the limitations or I found a new way to accomplish the task if it was a particularly important one.

Well, this week I discovered some things that I am suddenly able to do, which I used to do but had been absent so long, I had forgotten or just did not think about any more.

I say a hearty welcome back to

My daughter and I went out Sunday afternoon on a photographic excursion.  That was pretty awesome.  I discovered my love of photography about 5 years ago.  Though I am a rank amateur I still sometimes get lucky and capture some shots I am glad I have.  My daughter is following in my footsteps and will soon surpass me in terms of ability and knowledge. 

Sunday she suggested we go out.  I was dreading it a bit – memories of being trapped on the sidelines – but I went.  She had a tree that she had seen from her school bus that is her “favorite tree” and she wanted to take pictures of it while there was time.  It is in a dry lake bottom that the TVA floods every summer to create a lake in our community so half of the year it is flooded the remaining portion it is exposed.  This meant climbing over a guard rail, down a steep embankment, through a semi-stable bog and then to the tree.  Additionally, there is a stream and an old abandoned road in the center of the lake bottom both are rather picturesque.  What a great afternoon, to lose myself with my daughter hiking around, photographing everything that caught our eye, talking. Though I had to be careful about how I navigated some of those obstacles, I made it in, around, over and through all of them and we came away with some great pics.

On Monday, I went to the local pharmacy to pick up a prescription for my wife.  While waiting, I saw a Blood Pressure machine.  In the past those have been off-limits to me.  First the seats are fixed and attached to the automatic BP table.  Quite simply there was not enough room for me, my gut, and my butt to all occupy the same seat in those confines.  Secondly, even if I did wrangle myself in, my arm would not fit into the the frame of the automatic BP cuff. So, at best, I had to attempt to take my BP from my forearm.  It just wasn’t worth the reminder of how big I was to go through all of that.

Well, on this day, I had time to kill while I was waiting my turn in line so I stepped over to my old nemesis and sat down.  That’s right, I just sat right down! It may not have been as easy as some could have done it, and I may have been a bit more squeezed but I was there.  Then, I thought, I’ll try it.  So I put my arm in, expecting as before that the cuff would be held hostage by my forearm.  Lo and behold, my arm slipped right in, almost all the way up above my elbow.  Again, not quite a perfect fit, but I was in there.  I did take my BP and it was a little high, but I will attribute that to the fact that I was about to jump out of my skin with delight that I even could.

Final story of the day.  We have two bathrooms in our house.  The master bath adjacent to my wife’s and my bedroom and the one my kids use on the main hallway.  Our bathroom has a standard tub/shower combination.  My kids have one of those 3 X 3 foot or so standard shower stalls.  When my wife and I are trying to get ready for the day at the same time it is a bit of a juggling act to take a shower in there, especially because I am concerned about fogging up her make up mirror or causing too much humidity and making her hair do weird things while she readying herself for the day.  On most occasions, I let here get completely ready first since she works outside the home.  I have tried in the past to use my kids shower stall, but no mater which way I stood or turned some part of my anatomy was always hitting a wall or a curtain and the limited mobility in those tight confines made getting really clean a challenge.  I always left feeling like there was soap residue hiding in pockets and folds and hidden dark places.

On this day, however, I had awakened late and was in a hurry.  I thought half a shower was better than nothing as I had a client to meet with that morning.  To my surprise, I not only fit comfortably in the shower, I actually was able to bend over so I could reach and scrub my calves, ankles and feet.  Oh Happy Day!

Who knew when this journey began that my trip would include stops by rest areas known as shower stalls, BP machines, and lake bottoms. These unexpected, out of the way locations are part of what make any journey so sweet.  Glad I got to visit.  I think I am planning a return trip!

Juice on; Join the Journey.

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