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Attention McDonald’s, We are NOT Amused. (Or, how a clown got my goat)

I try to play nice.  I try not to call people out.  But as I was walking through the house this afternoon, I saw McDonald’s attempt to try to lure kids under the bright umbrella of …ahem…health – the Golden Arches.

In this commercial, clearly aimed at kids…it is animated…it has a jingle that would make the wiggles happy…and it is promoting the Happy Meal.  In it they are espousing the unHealthy Meal as a fine source of fruit, dairy, vegetables, and grains.

take a look

Apparently they don’t understand that prepackaged chemical laden apples with the shelf life of tin do not qualify as fresh fruit. Nor do breads that have to be “enriched” because all of the nutrition has been denuded from them count as “grains” especially not the preferred whole grain varieties that nutritionists suggest. Starchy veg deep fried in oil does not a veggie make. And finally, protein sources that you literally wouldn’t feed to your dog, are not meat.

But I guess if you are willing to wash it all down with one of their “Real Fruit Smoothies”, you’ll be okay.  wink wink nudge nudge.

Not sure what makes me angrier that their marketing department thinks that we will fall for this kind of garbage or that they are probably right.

To quote one of their former slogans.  We Deserve a Break. Today!

Juice On; Join the Journey!

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3 thoughts on “Attention McDonald’s, We are NOT Amused. (Or, how a clown got my goat)

  1. My kids go to McDonalds – when they get invited to a party there. That’s it.

    I can in all honesty say I have NEVER bought them a burger or a meal there, and we have never dined there as a family. And, hopefully, we never will.

    Does that make us weird? Probably. But I really don’t think the kids are missing out on anything.

    My kids’ idea of a junk food treat is when we have banana splits at home (bananas, ice cream, sprinkles), when I bake a cake or brownies (rarely), or when we go to Subway together (and they are not allowed dressing or meat on their subs). We’re hard taskmasters!

    Some foods are ‘sometimes foods”. I’d call McDonalds a “you must be crazy” food!

  2. Anita W on said:

    Oh my goodness! I made the mistake of playing this within earshot of my children – and they came running to see what was on! I talked to them about the commercial – about how McD’s wasn’t healthy – and they looked at me just a little funny! One said “what about the apples?” and I had to explain preservatives at an 8 yr old level – last night my daughter came home from the grandparents sick – through investigation I discovered that they took the kids to McD’s to see Ronald, then they came home to ice cream, then a small piece of Arby’s pie, then potato chips. That’s more junk than my daughter has had in the last month!!! No wonder she was sick!!
    I feel like a horrible mom today. I have given my children some bad eating habits. They are changing because my husband and I are changing and they’re not complaining – so I hope I caught it in time. I don’t want to ruin what time they have with my parents and once a week isn’t that bad to be bad – as long as they limit the junk!
    Thanks David for the inspiration many of us needed, and thank you Lord for the changes you’re making to me, inside and out.

    • you are so right. it is hard to fathom all the things we teach our kids…some by commission and others by ommission. Unfortunatley, it is in htose passive moments that I fear we pass on much more about our thoughts, feelings, and lifestyle choices. It is a call to be ever vigilent. I, unfortunatley, am past the age with my kids of having much more direct influence on their learning. But hopefully, by example, I can still impact them.

      My hope is in my own experience. I have learned more form my father in the past 10 years than i did in the previous 34. I am now open to his guidance and wisdom and actually seek it out in issues ranging from finances to how to handle various situations.

      I am so proud of the changes that you and Bob are making. We can let our kids be kids without isolating them and making them feel like social outcasts whiel still teaching them. Lethalastronaut, who is a fellow traveler and a frequent commenter here I htink has a good approach. She has foods broken into categories like Good Foods, Okay Foods, Sometimes Foods, and “Not on your life” foods. With my kids, when they were the age of yours, I had two snacks at home some were called “anytime snacks” mainly fruit and veg. They never even had to ask to go and grab one of those. Then we had a shelf of “ask me” snacks. They had to ask before grabbing those and I would either say yes or no and I would meter how large the serving size was. Most of these were things like tortilla chips, cheese and crackers, occasionally a sweet, etc. I think I was on a good path, but we ventured off of it somewhere along the way. Also, had I known then what I know now, fewer items would ahve made the cut into the “ask me” basket. I’m not sure that Ding Dongs should ever be consumed. 🙂

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