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Day 59: The Long and Winding Road

Status, Day 59:    SW: 470     TW: 378.0    TWL: 92 lbs    Lbs to Goal: 153.0

It is hard to believe that at day 59, I am only 8 lbs away from 100.  These are the days when races are won and lost.  Someone looks back, someone looks to the side to check out the competition, they look down, or look anywhere but at the finish line and they falter.

I have to look not only at the 100 lbs, but at day 75, and beyond.  Though the results ave been very pleasing so far, I know I am far from done. I still have more weight to lose.  In fact, I have more to lose than i have lost so far.  It is kinda amazing and kinda discouraging. 

This has been my sprint start, now comes the long days of slogging through.  My ultimate goal is October of next year, so still a very, very long way to go. My doctor still does not want me to start exercising vigorously until I am in my 310’s or so, especially lifting weights.  It is still to cool yet and the lake temps are too chilly to start swimming.  So the next 50+ pounds may be slow. I cannot become distracted.

In case you are wondering where I have been.  I have redoubled my efforts to get my business going.  It is going well but it has been crazy busy between meeting with potential employees, new clients, realtors, truck salesmen, mentors…it’s no great excuse, but I just haven’t had much time to hit the ol’ blog site.  Things ahead look like I may be able start slowing down now that I have a couple of employees to take some of the work load. I need it to be because I am going to need my mental energy to finish this section of the journey strong.

Oh, I have decided where and how I am going to celebrate on or about day 75.  I am climbing Klingman’s dome…the highest point in Tennessee.  I am going to take a green lemonade and an apple with me and take pictures.  Hopefully the trees and flowers will be in bloom at that point.  It should be nice.

Till then I must press on toward the high calling…

Juice On; Join the Journey.

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2 thoughts on “Day 59: The Long and Winding Road

  1. First of all may I say I was relieved to check in today and see your posts! Glad to know you are well. Second, what you are experiencing is EXACTLY what I am going through on my juicing journey. It’s extremely difficult not to get legalistic while doing this but I am finding that the amount of guilt I experience if I deviate just a tad is overwhelming. It seems like each morning I vow to start over, by mid day it just starts to unravel, and then not only do I deal with the stress of work, I deal with the stress of feeling defeated.
    Today is Sunday. I am catching glimpses of my “old life” compared to how I was feeling embracing the “new life” and I don’t want to go back. My plan is juice am, juice lunch, juice snack and a healthy dinner. But for the grace of God go I….
    Thank you as always for the candid and truth filled posts. Really looking forward to hearing about Klingman’s dome! Until then, Juice on and keep strong!!

  2. Sounds like you’re doing well. Enjoy the climb 🙂

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