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Some Days Ain’t Worth Shootin’

Actually today ain’t been all that bad. Just the last thirty minutes. I haven’t eaten since 2 pm its going on 8. So I am crazy hungry and I am locked out of the house.

I have had an ongoing battle with myself to kill sometime till my wife gets home with a key by going to the gas station and getting a fried bologna sandwich.  But to this point my worse intentions have not won.  This is not a craving thing, just a crazy hungry thing. If I can hold on 40 more minutes I’ll have this one licked.

Its only 40 minutes, right? I can do this.  I am gonna ask you for help though.  If you happen to read this b4 8:45 EST, please comment and help keep me distracted.


No BLT, No Bologna Sandwich. Progress!

Juice On; Join the Journey.

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3 thoughts on “Some Days Ain’t Worth Shootin’

  1. I don’t know what time that is in our time, but maybe a walk around the block – a few times if it takes a long time to get a key – will keep you distracted.

    I hate being locked out! Is there anywhere not too obvious you can hide a key nearby so it doesn’t happen again – or can a neighbour keep a spare for you?

  2. Just saw your post… Curious if you kept distracted enough? Great regular posting your doing. Also, are you in Texas? Thought I read that somewhere a while back in one of your post. Curious because I am. Cheers and Juice On!

    • Jon, actually I did. Between posts and playing soduko I made it. Thanks for asking. Regarding Texas, no I’m not. However, I was raised there. I still have family in the area as well and I get back there regularly. I miss the Southwest.

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