My Juicing Journey

Day 47: Tied to be Fit

Status, Day 47:

SW: 470          TW: 393.2       TWL: 76.8 lbs      Lbs to Goal: 168.2

I am back off of the mountain, back home and back to my routine.  Juicer is unpacked and unboxed. I am ready to finish what I have started

Funny thing that.  I packed it up over a week ago when my wife and I went to the mountains for my needed respite.  As you know, I took along some solid food for that trip, though only veggies. In addition, just so I could unwind, in addition to taking juicable fruit and veg i also took along some organic pre-made juices from Naked Juice.

Well I ended up not using many of them. So I have been “slacking,” using the bought stuff instead of the homemade.  I was thinking that it wouldn’t matter.  After all it was still organic and it was still many of the same fruit and veg I would be using.  Oh, when will I ever learn?  Store bought stuff, just will never, ever, never be as good for you as the homemade stuff.

It is true of traditional food and it is apparently true of juices and “health” foods, as well.  I have not been visiting the scales as obsessively since my weekend getaway. And now, the reality of my time is evident.  Even though I stayed on juices with an occasional “meal” of veg. I have gained.  Not much, but enough to let me know that it was a mistake.  I have gained three pounds. 

I have no doubt that it will all come back off now that the Breville is back on the counter but it is still surprising.

Tonight I made a new juice for supper because I was out of my standard fare.  I went with a strawberry (1 doz.), grape (10), and blueberry (about 15 or so).  I added the blueberries in for their wonderful antioxidant power and the grapes to sweeten and tame the tang and tartness of fresh strawberries just a bit.  I must say it is probably one of my favorite all-fruit juices, now.  Glad I made this discovery.

Although to those of you new to juicing, I caution you not to over do it on the fruit juices.  It is real easy to climb up the calorie ladder with those unknowingly.  Additionally, it can spike your blood sugar real quick.  So go easy.  But if you are looking for an easy treat to introduce the kids or a reluctant spouse into the world of juicing, I can’t think of a better way to bait them than with this.  (For the more adventurous, you might use it as a chance to slip in a stalk fo celery or a handful of spinach.  I have found that heavy citrus flavors are a convenient way to cloak some of the milder greens.)

One other realization, I thought that doing a weekend of solid food would help me on my journey. Lesson Learned.  DO NOT TRY THIS AT HOME!  Going back to the solid food make the cravings even worse.  If I had it all to do over again, I think I would have just gutted it out. Even if it is just veg and fruit, your body still processes it differently and it will mess with your digestion, your chemicals, your hormones, your weight and ultimately your cravings.  it just isn’t worth it. 

But this is what this journey is all about right?  To learn by doing, to share what I learn as I go.  It reminds me of the movie the Karate Kid where Mr. Miagi says to Daniel-Son “You can Karate, yes. Or, you can Karate, no.  But you Karate..’guess so’ and you will get squished like grape.”

This is about commitment and half-stepping it just makes it tougher.  I know all the reasons that I did it and they are all still valid.  Valid problems, incorrect solution.

So, I hope you all learn from my lesson. I know I did. I will keep it in mind this summer when I do round 2.

I will say this, though about my experience I learned two other valuable lessons along the way.

  • 1. Bottled pre-package juices are for emergency only.  It is good to know they exist for those times that I am caught unprepared but they are not a substitute for the real thing. They are higher in sugars (though all natural and none added) and higher in calories than the homemade versions. One also had to wonder how much they have oxidized leaving those calories as empty calories??
  • 2. I can do this life long.  During my short venture partially into the land of the chewing, I discovered a pattern that will work for me long-term.  Juicing for breakfast, veg/soup/or salad for lunch, juicing for snacks, then a sensible meal (at least four days per week of primarily plant-based nutrition.  This will still allow me to have chicken or fish 2 nights a week and once a week or so have red meat. I did not eat meat during my sojourn and I did not miss it.  I actually like/prefer the soups and salads or roasted veggies.

One other thing before I say good night.  I have had a lot of people ask me “So, 80 pounds, what are you doing for clothes?” 

Trust me, still weighing in at 390 lbs….I am still wearing them, do not fear.  Me keeping my clothes on is still part of my program to help keep American Beautiful!!

Oddly, I am doing nothing about my clothes at this point.  Basically, the ones that I had were starting to get to small.  So they went back to where they fit.  Now, they are a little baggy.  For example, without a belt, I do not have  a pair of pants that would stay on. Not even gym shorts or sweats.  I have had to use the drawstring to cinch them up a couple of times.

I know that my clothes are ill-fitting.  But, I am too cheap.  I can’t see going out to buy new clothes (clothing at the big and tall store where I would still have to shop are about 50-70 dollars US for pants and 35-50 for shirts) when I still plan on losing more than 150 more pounds.  Plus, I do have some clothes that I really like up in the attic.  I will get them down and hopefully be able to start wearing some of them by Easter.

For now, I just keep putting a new hole in my belt and tightening up the waistband of my trousers artificially.  Speaking of which, the belt is in need of another new one I noticed this morning.  I also put on a 4X shirt today.  It did not quite fit. As in, I could not wear it public BUT I did get it on and all of the buttons buttoned.  That is down from a 6X just 6 weeks ago.

That is about it for now.  I will talk to you again tomorrow.

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