My Juicing Journey

Sorry its been awhile.

I am not sure if this is a reason or excuse…but I have been swamped this week.  Too busy to post anything.

Plus I hqave been mentally drained so nothing of much value to contribute. I will try to do better.

Let me catch you up. 

I didn’t mention anything about it last week cuz I know journalism and somtimes stories get buried and editorial calenders change but last Friday a very nice reporter from the paper in my county came by and did an interview with me about My Juicing Journey.

It was very nice of her and a little humbling how much interest people are taking. Another reporter is supposed to talk to me tomorrow. We’ll see. My hope, like Joe’s and Phil’s is that people we’ll see how easy it is to add fruit n veg to your diet. Secondarily, I have a passion and a heart for the morbidly obese in particular.  It is so easy just to feel all is hopeless and there is nothing you can do.

Been there, done that, outgrew the t-shirt.

My county is beautiful and full of beautiful people. It is also wracked by the poverty associated with appalachia.  I am not just talking about short term, transisitional poverty, but generational desperate poverty.

To cope many turn to the one luxury they “can afford” prepared foods and fast food restaurants. In that respect poverty literally feeds itself.  People who are sick, unhealthy, depressed, and lacking energy can’t muster the strength to fight the daily battle of overcoming abject poverty AND obesity. Someone famous once commented on the impossibility of fighting a war on two fronts.

Imagine if that was the only life you had known or could remember. My heart goes out to anyone in this situation. I know….I know.  So I hope that by getting this story in the local paper that we can get the word out about what we are doing.

Anyway besides that, Friday was when my wife and I left town. Monday was a holiday in the US, so we were gone much of that day as well.

Tuesday saw me trying to get back in the swing of things with emails, etc ad I had to meet with a customer in virginia, then on our date night my wife and I began searching for a car.

Wednesday saw car headaches continue as we found out that the dealer we had been dealing with was unscrupulous, dishonest and outright lied to me. Which took about 4.5 hours to unravel ad tons of emotional and mental energy.

I was so flustered on Wednesday and so angry and feeling so taken advantage of that I forgot I was supposed to pick up my daugther after an afterschool event.  Until I got a call from her at 6pm wondering where I was as the rain began to pour.  I was 45 minutes away heading in to talk with a manager when she called. She was in the cold rain as the sun was setting and all alone.  I felt like the worst dad on earth at that moment.

I take a great sense of pride and responsibilty for providing and taking care of my family. In just a few hours time I felt I had let down the two most important women in my life.  My wife and daughter.  I felt completely out of control for the first time since beginning the journey. It sucked!

Thrsday improved greatly but was almost as stressful. Found a better dealer found me a truck.  Major high point. This dealer Royston of Rogersville is the antithesis of the low lifes at the dodge dealership in morristown.  If you live in east tennessee I cannot encourage you enough to go to Royston of Rogersville to get your next vehicle.

I digress. But all of that is to say that even good events bring stress. And for those of us recovering our health we have to be aware of it.  It can set us back just as much as bad stress. Btw…good stress is so common and so researched that it even has a name…EUSTRESS.  who knew?

Thursday evening saw one of my clients making their first national tv appearance, which I had a small role in by preparing background material. Additionally I had to watch the broadcast as part of my obligation to them.

Meanwhile the clock was ticking on 6 chapters of reading and three paper I had to write and turn in by 5pm Friday for my college class.

Oh…and between me and my wife, I have the light homework load…either that or she is just a better student than I. So we haven’t much time face to face this week. That always makes for a rough week for me. She is my strength and a big source of joy and stability.

Friday saw more of the same with my time spent driving all over Gods green earth running errands, seeing clients, buying veggies, finishing homework, and trying to leave town for a men’s only event with my church.

As I type this on my phone, I am listening to two men snore as I lay on the bottom bunk of a bunk bed. Its like camp for 40 year olds but it has been fun.

So that is where I have been. To those who have written to check in on me. That is where I’ve been.  I’m still juicing, though most of it this week has ben store bought, org
anic juices. Naked Juice Mega Green, Mighty Mango and V8 has saved me several times this week!

Given my schedule and distractions my weightloss remains in slow mo but I am losing. I am down to 390 now…that is 80 total pounds.

That is the update from here. Juice On; Join the Journey.

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One thought on “Sorry its been awhile.

  1. Good to have you back!

    Yeah, what you say about the poverty in Appalachia is so true. I lived a year in Fairmont WV a while back, and saw so many people just struggling to make ends meet. It’s hard, and it is generational, and until the root causes are tackled in a big way I can’t see an end of it.

    80 pounds is incredible. Does ANYTHING you had from before still fit you? 😉

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