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Day 40: bugging out, pluggin on, and checkin in

Status, Day 40:

SW: 470          TW: 396.2       TWL: 73.8 lbs      Lbs to Goal: 171.2

Since valentines day I have only lost 2 pounds.  I knew that my diversion might set me back but I did not think it would be this long.  My brother says that I will wake up here in a few days and have another big loss, boy I hope so. 

Kimtri who is a frequent commenter here, has her own fitness blog, and is a triathlete and a trainer of triathlete says that sometimes I just need to settle down and take what my body gives me.  I know she is right, but it is hard.

But, then I guess discipline always is. I have escaped for the weekend and I brought everything with me, my juicer, my veg and fruit, and my shoes…my good ones. I will hike these hills, juice, eat a little and for a few days, not think about weight. My next weight day will not be til late Monday so y’all will have to wait till then for my next status update.

Tho I will still be checking in with y’all.

To ev1 who commented on my “Falling Up” post thank you. To my wife, thanks for the. Encouraging talk and for coming up and even recomending this down time. I’m loking forward to some great time with you.

Juice On; Join the Journey.

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  1. There ya go..that’s the spirit!! Enjoy the time!!!

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