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Thoughts from a Fellow Traveler: Anita Wilkerson

I enjoy my juicing journey.  One of the things that I most enjoy is seeing others empowered and hearing their stories.  One such person is someone I knew before this journey began, but she wrote in and posted on the Facebook version of MJJ.  Her words were poignant and where many of us may be.  So I wanted to share them with you.

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Good Wednesday morning, everyone! My name is Anita, and I go to church with David. He asked me to post about the changes that my husband, Bob and I have made recently in our lives. Let me give you some very quick background. My husband has a family history of diabetes and high blood pressure, both of which he now has. I have PCOS (polycystic ovarian syndrome) which is a forerunner to diabetes. We are weight-loss resistant!
After reading David’s posts and seeing his progress each week in Sunday School, we decided several weeks ago that this couldn’t be a bad plan. We have s-l-o-w-l-y eliminated the processed foods, sodas, chocolate, caffeine and coffee from our kitchen and lives.
There have not been any drastic results on the outside. We are both still wearing the same clothes – for now. BUT – the changes on the inside are amazing! I’m speaking only for me when I say I feel better, I sleep better, I don’t ache and hurt, I have more energy and mental stamina during the day, I don’t get that sluggish afternoon feeling, my hands aren’t swelled when I get out of bed, I get up when the clock goes off instead of hitting the snooze button… again… and again… and again…
Our grocery bill has tripled. We have more fresh food in the frig now than I ever remember seeing. We have whole juice and fruit for breakfast instead of Eggo’s. We have salads, whole grains, fish and veggies for lunch and dinner. We drink water. LOTS of water. And here’s the funny part! The junk is still in the house – but we don’t eat it anymore because we don’t WANT it anymore. Yesterday I went to 2 valentine parties for my children – cupcakes, cookies, chips, candy, capri suns, and on and on… I didn’t want or eat a thing. I actually didn’t even think about it. Ok well, maybe a thought. But I didn’t want anything bad enough to reach down and take it. The scales didn’t reflect that this morning, but I’m confident one day they will!

I want this to be both and encouragement and a caution. This is not a diet. This is a commitment to change your lifestyle forever. I realized this yesterday – “junk craves more junk”. You can’t drink a juice for breakfast and then go about your day with fast food and processed ick from a box, can or carton. I tried that a long time ago and you are setting yourself up for failure. You’re either all in or you are really wasting your time and money. Regardless of your spiritual stance in life, I believe that you have to eat like Jesus ate and walk like Jesus walked. Lots of fruit, nuts, vegetables, roots, whole grains, etc… and lots less meat. Get plenty of exercise – every day. I also think my phrase applies across the board to all areas of your life. Your body craves the things that were placed on this earth for it. Fruits, vegetables, nuts, roots – just remember that there are orange trees, but there are no fat free twinkie trees!
This is truly a journey, not a destination. It is 95% mental. Yes – I have weight-loss goals and I plan to reach them. But, I want to LIVE my life, not just exist. I don’t want to spend my life in a doctor’s office. I don’t want to depend on pills to get me through the day. I want to feel the same at 65 as I do at 37. I believe that this is what we were designed for. I think lap-bands and stomach reduction surgery is not necessary. I want my children to be healthier and happier than I was at their age. I want to realize that food is just that -food- not entertainment.
Be prepared for some criticism. Remember they’re just jealous that what you’re doing is working!
I’ve been thinking about Dave Ramsey’s phrase “if you live like no one else, then you can REALLY live like no one else”. He is talking about finances, but this truly applies to so many areas of your life. Wherever you are in your life and weight loss/healthy eating, I want you to encourage you to stick to it. Your body didn’t get lumpy and dumpy in a day and it won’t fix itself in a week – BUT – it WILL happen. I have to believe that for me, and I believe that for you, too. Be well on your journey.

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  1. Krystal on said:

    I love your blog btw…
    I just wanted to add something helpful!
    Breville Juicer is the best – I highly recommend it.

    This is my third juicing machine. My first was a Champion which served without problems for years. On the plus side it was powerful and durable. On the down side it was rather noisy, vibrated a lot and left a lot of juice in the pulp and was hard to clean. My second juicer was the omega screw machine which I still have. I bought it because it also did wheat grass. On the plus side it is quiet and juices anything, makes nut butter and extracts a lot of juice leaving very dry pulp. On the down side it is slow and worst of all the feed tube is really small. You have to do a lot of cutting to get things small enough to get into the feed tube. I pretty much only use it for wheatgrass now. The Breville is the best juicer I have had. It is an example of good product design in that it is simple, practical and attractive. It is powerful, has a feed tube large enough to take large whole carrots, beets and small apples. It is quiet, comes apart easy and cleans up quickly. The capture pitcher which nests into the machine has a nice cover so you can store the juice for later. If making juice is a hassle you’re going to put off doing it. This juicer makes juicing easy and not a hassle.

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