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A Site to Behold

As I scanned the web looking for valuable information I stumbled across one this morning while trying to figure out how many calories I burned last night.

I went for a walk through my neighborhood, (not like this walk) but around the entire block.  I measured it this morning and found out I had walked .97 miles. So, we are going to give me the benefit of the doubt and say I walked a mile. 😉

I googled “how many calories did I burn” and it, of course gave me several options, one of them what for a site called Health Status.  If you are a numbers and stats geek like me, then this site is great for you.  If you just want to know how many calories you burned doing everything from bikram yoga to walking or carrying an infant to washing  load of laundry this is your place!  If you prefer to walk in kilometers and weigh in kilograms, this is your place!

In addition to the calories burned calculators, if you check out the left hand of the website you will find a source for myriad other calculators including BMI, body fat percentage, basal metabolic rate, recommended weight, frame size and more.

What ever better is each of these calculators comes with intuitive design and easy to follow directions.  They even have pages that will tell you, then help you map out a plan, to lose one pound (or more) doing your favorite activity.

If you are are this journey to once and for all shed the label “morbidly obese” like I am, have a few pounds to lose, or just want to be healthier.  This value of this site is incalculable.

Check it out.

Oh, btw…I burned 289 calories in 22 minutes of walking which put me at about a 3 mph pace.  If I had walked at a 4 mph pace I would have utilized 354 calories, or if I had walked for 45 minutes I would have burned 570+ calories.  That is enough to lose one pound per week walking six days per week. That can shorten my projected time to reach my goal weight from October/November of 2013 to sometime in early Spring of next year.

Also, speaking of sites to check out, have you been to yet?  If not, what are you waiting for?  We are posting some recipes and some discussion about what to do with all of that left over pulp this week.

Juice On; Join the Journey.

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