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Day 31 Status Update: Now the race is on…

Status, Day 31:

SW: 470          TW: 406.0       TWL: 64.0 lbs      Lbs to Goal: 181.0

Okay, so the race is on…how ’bout a little inspirational music.

Here’s the deal: I set a goal for myself to be below 400 lbs by Valentine’s day. That gives me 4 days to do it.  My weight loss has slowed down again, though not bad by any stretch.  I am losing 1-1.2 lbs per day. In 4 days, that will only be roughly five pounds.  I got to pull that extra pound out somewhere.  I am hoping my body will cooperate. 

Between now and then, I am going to bed on time (or early), and making sure I get in all my water. I would exercise, but my right calf and Achilles is not cooperating.  Any thought on exercising I can do that will burn calories while I remain stationary?  I strained my lower calf/high achilles tendon while walking (even though I stretched). I rested it and thought it was okay.  then this morning while walking through the produce section, I felt the sharp twinge of pain again.  Any advice would be appreciated. Especially from anyone who may train triathletes….ahem…kimtri???  😉 .

Anyway, I am really wanting to reach my goal.  Being in the three-hundreds again will feel OH, SO GOOD.  399 lbs is only 94 above the level when I ran my first marathon, and only 49 pounds more than my weight when I started training for it.  Grant it, I will still be morbidly obese, but I will be in familiar territory.  Don’t believe I ran a marathon at 304 lbs?…take a look.

This was actually at my second marathon, and was at about 294 I couldn’t find any pics of Kona…but you get the idea.  It serves as a reminder of what lies ahead if I stay on my path. Oh, looking at that pic…that was a 2x shirt and I had it layered over another shirt.  that is my mom on the left.  We were celebrating her victory over lymphoma as I ran in her honor and to raise money for the leukemia/lymphoma society.

Anyways…4 days…6 pounds.  The race is on.

Juice on; Join the Journey.

join us on and make sure you share your stories with us.  I would love to hear your stories, and chart the progress on your journey, as well.

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5 thoughts on “Day 31 Status Update: Now the race is on…

  1. Ok, let’s see if I can take these questions in order!
    1. Achilles – I just recovered a few months ago from achilles tendonitis. Nasty stuff; don’t mess with it.
    a. Ice the calf and the achilles.
    b. Try to keep your foot in a flexed versus pointed position as much as possible.
    c. is the tendon swollen or squishy at all?
    d. do you know a good kinesiologist/chiropractor? Some tendon work in the area or some other related area may be very beneficial. This helped me the most, but I was pretty severe case. (I know $$ follow all other instructions. :-))
    e. stretching the calf – stretch it gently for 30 s or so and release and repeat a few times. do this with knees bent and knees straight to get both the big calf muscles – gastric and soles. be gentle.
    2. 6 pounds when the body seems to want to give you 4! Ok, I totally respect that you want to hit that goal; however, your body may not. So, how else can you measure your success by the deadline of valentines. I usually like to encourage people to have a numerical goal, but also a “soft” goal – such as a pair of jeans, shirt or something else.
    3. How to burn some calories while the achilles is being cranky – perhaps stationary biking? Perhaps some seated work for shoulders, bi’s and tri’s – low weight or no weight, high reps..keep it moving let body get really warm. I don’t think you’ve been really exercising at this point right? So, any movement above normal could count. Vacumm the house and chores…but don’t aggravate mr. achilles.
    4. You didn’t ask, but I’m going to jump in…please purchase some new shoes that will support your precious feet. You need some support as you walk ok? Mr. achilles would appreciate that. Not sure where you live, but a friendly, running store would be an ideal place to find a shoe that would work for your walking that would be supportive. IF you don’t, call Go Run in Wichita, KS. Tell them I told you to, tell them what you need. They will be more than happy to help. The store on Maize Rd. knows me best.
    5. Sleep and water..that’ll help.

    You don’t need good luck or I’d wish you just need your body to realize the goal you’ve set.

  2. I’ve enjoyed following your journey the past week. I recently watched the documentary as well and just finished a 10 day juice fast. It felt great. You are doing great and I”ll pray you’ll be able to keep going. My only thought for working out, is I was wondering if you could do some light lifting in a chair. Rather than doing heavier weights, use lighter weights with more repetition to get your heart rate up. You could do several types of work outs with bar bells or instead of bar bells, I bet some resistant bands would work good. I am sure kimtri who is a good friend of mine can give some great suggestions on possible workouts. What about a stationary bike? Does that hurt your Achilles? I just googled workouts for being stationary and came up with this site. Maybe something like that could work for you.

    • Thanks for the advice I will check out the site. I appreciate your support and help, it is so awesome to see people coming together to help each other out. Y’all keep me inspired.

  3. Oh I just saw she replied. I didn’t see her comments before I posted mine.

  4. Wow, congrats to you! I’m obsessed by juicing now. You inspire mem AND you seem like a really nice guy too! Good luck on your journey, keep at it……Deb

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