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Day 30: Doctor, Doctor Give Me the News….

Status, Day 30:

SW: 470          TW: 407.2       TWL: 62.8 lbs      Lbs to Goal: 182.2

‘Nother Day, ‘nother two pounds.  I’ll take it!

But that is the insignificant news of the day.  Ha!  how funny is THAT!  Not all that long ago, I would not have been able to say that.  Don’t get me wrong, weight loss is weight loss, and I have a lot more to lose.  But it isn’t about that.  I am learning that, more importantly, I am getting healthy.  As I get healthy, and as I eat healthfully, and live actively…you know what…the stinkin’ weight will take care of itself.  (Remind me of that next time I am on here whining that I didn’t lose anything, K?)

Anyway, went back to the doctor today.  For the record…I am not a doctor and this is a blog of my journey to health, it is not medical advice, before you do what I am doing you probably need to talk to your doctor about it.  There did that sound like a smarmy disclaimer???

On with my story, went to the doc and he had the results of my blood work.  Obviously I have been eating right and juicing for the past thirty days (15 days on Juice/15 days of juice and food at the beginning).  Unfortunately, I do not have insurance because I am unemployed and I feared the costs of having all of the tests done and of the doctor visit itself.  Because of that, I do not have a benchmark to compare today’s findings to.

The closest I can get is to say that they last time I had blood work done, the doctor was so freaked out by the results, she swore I was in the middle of a heart attack and just didn’t know it.  She ordered me to go to the hospital immediately and scheduled me for a heart cath procedure the next day.  The cost for all of that was in excess of 10,000 dollars (USD)…yep, you got it..far more that the cost of a Breville and $8-10 per day on fruit and veg.

Since that day, my weight has steadily climbed and my health further deteriorated.  (BTW…the heart cath and the rest fo the test showed nothing imminent to worry about so they released me).  I never saw those tests so I do not know how they compare to these (you can click on the images to enlarge them.

I am more than pleased with the results of this test.  I had a full blood work up done because I know that I have lost a rather extreme amount of weight in a relatively short period of time.  I did not want to hurt myself while healing myself.  So I decided to take a peak at how my body is handling everything.  As you can see, so far so good.  Over the next few days, I will share some research on why some of the number are where they are, and explain what some fo them even are.  for now though I can rest tonight knowing that my glucose ( a high number here would indicate pre-diabetes or diabetes) is on the high side of normal, but still fine (45-50 points away from any level of concern). My electrolytes are in good shape, so I am not dehydrated even though it feel like all I do any more is pee.  My kidneys are showing some signs of stress but they have had to filter all of the fat that I have been metabolizing…I know that I have been burning into my fat supplies pretty hard because of my ketone levels (I will explain tomorrow…but that is a good thing). All in all, the doctor said we will keep an eye on my kidney levels when i do another blood test next month but for now, since he knows WHY the numbers are where they are, he is not worried about them.

My liver looks like it is functioning well which is good since my kidneys are stressing just a bit.  My protein levels are a tad low, and I am going to talk to a nutritionist about that.  I understand that they are low, I am not eating meat.  But I am consuming large amounts of kale and spinach to offset that.  So i gonna ask someone, what gives? And see what they recommend since I can’t have meat, dairy or legumes while juicing.  If any of you are avid juicers or trained medical personal and can give all fo us an answer to this, It would be appreciated.

Beyond that, my cholesterol is waaaay low.  The desirable range is anything under 200 units, and I only have 112 and my triglycerides are close to half of threshold number for normal at 99. Oh and my mix of good and bad cholesterol..they are both low, but I will probably up my intake of avocados or olive oil to boost my HDL number a bit.

Even without a benchmark test, I know this. These are not the readings one would expect from a 470…er…um…correction 407 pound man.  Whatever these little glasses of fruit and veg are doing…keep on doing my leafy friends.  I am adding years to my life, and life to my years.  Basically, as the old saying goes, “I’m in pretty good shape for the shape I’m in.”

Been a good week so far.  I hope yours is going as well.  Stop by and join us on facebook at or leave a comment for us here.  It is exciting to see the number of people that are starting to join us every day.  So feel free to comment, say hi, or update us on your progress.

Till then Juice On; Join the Journey.

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5 thoughts on “Day 30: Doctor, Doctor Give Me the News….

  1. Wow!! Absolutely fantastic!! Nutrition is a powerful, legal and affordable drug. I love that God created a body that can heal itself and reverse itself. You are proof of that. Have you watched Forks over Knives or read the China Study? I think you’d enjoy both. The China Study is a great book – don’t let the science part of it intimidate. It reads more like a mystery book!! Congrats. Keep it up.

  2. “Let your food be your medicine” 😉

    You know, I really wish you were in New Zealand. We have a really world class medical system here – free health care for all citizens. If you were over here, all your doctor visits would be free, your tests would be free, any medicines you take would be free too.

    Regardless of all that, your numbers are “coming up great” 😉 I’d be really interested in you doing a post on other differences you’re feeling – how your better health is affecting your mental health, wellbeing, energy levels etc. It’s such an interesting journey you’re on!

    Keep on juicing!

  3. Awesome results! I am also unemployed and don’t have insurance… was it very costly to get your blood tests done? I have to get some done soon and I am worried it’s gonna cost an arm and a leg… I wish I was in New Zealand like the commenter above wrote!

    • I do not know exactly what it will cost in your area. However I know you can check with your local county health office, they offer medical care on a reduced cost or sliding scale basis. In addition, you can look for a PA (physician’s assistant) in your area. They offer many of the same services that a doctor does but not as expensive. Finally, don’t forget to actually talk to a doctor or the office manager and negotiate. Explain your situation, your goals, put together a package that is not insulting but that you can afford and see where that goes. Dr.’s have to negotiate their rates with insurance companies and the government all the time. We normally don’t think to do it but there is nothing at all wrong with it. The most they can do is say no….and then, we take our business elsewhere.
      For me, my doctor is only charging $35 for the office visits (sometimes consulting for free) and $23 for the labs. Oh, if you can find a doctor in a rural area, they tend to be more personable and more willing to work with you. Plus, conversation in the waiting room is much more pleasant!

  4. Thanks for your reply.. I will definitely look into these options!

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