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Day 29: Fit to be Tied (or, Do these shoes make my feet look fat?)

First things first,

Status, Day 29:

SW: 470          TW: 409.2       TWL: 60.8 lbs      Lbs to Goal: 184.2

If you remember, in one of my early blog posts, I talked about how I had been adapting myself to death. For too many of us who are morbidly obese, or merely overweight, adaptation has been a key to our survival and to our continued weight gain.  What we cannot, or at least feel we cannot change, we adapt to.

Such was the case with my shoes.  I know that, in theory, when you lose weight, you lose weight all over, but who thinks about losing weight in their feet?  I do now. And I have pictures to prove it.  Take a look at this image. It is a “Before and After” of my right foot.

Before my juicing journey began I had not tied my shoes in at least a year, maybe two.  The enormity of my gut would collide with my thigh and prevent my chubby little sausage fingers from reaching my shoelaces (while still breathing). So I adapted.  I tied them in a double knot and would just leave them tied and slip them on and off while standing.

You will also notice in the picture that I could not lay the tongue of my shoe all the way down.  I had to tie the top row of laces underneath the tongue so that there would be enough string left to still tie them.

Notice also in the before picture how wide the two lasts (sides of my shoe) are away from each other. That is due simply to the size of my foot.

Look, now, at the after picture on the right.  Look at how much closer the lasts are to each other, the fact that the tongue is laying down where it belongs, and yes! that is my hand reaching all the way down to my shoes.  (Hello there toesies! Nice to meet you again 😉 )

More importantly, I left my shoes tied at the point where my laces used to have to be tied to, and just pulled up the slack from each rung of the laces. Look at how much I was able to take them up!  That is almost three additional inches of shoe lace, if I were to guess.  Three inches lost from my feet!

Much of that may be water, but do you think I care….NOOOOO!  Inches are inches and it proves that the journey is working.

My point to all of this (more than boy do I need a new pair of shoes) is this:  If you are on the journey, look for changes whereever they may be.  You may not lose inches around your belly, your hips, or or face at first.  It may be in other places.  But whereever it is, rejoice in it.  Use these little difference to keep you motivated, even on days when the scales don’t show an improvement.

Today, I tied my own flippin’ shoes!  That may sound silly, in fact, my daughter even laughed at how proud a 40+ year old man was at the fact that he could tie his shoes this morning. But each of these things are milestones and it shows that I am reversing the damage.

My next shoe goal:  I have a favorite pari of shoes that I used to wear constantly.  They were Chaco Sandals.

You know how crazy some women are about their Prada shoes…well that was me with my chacos.  I wore them year ’round unless there was snow on the ground.  I liked the way they looked, felt, and how they fit not only my foot but my personality.  They are the ultimate in outdoor utility footwear and are great any place from canoeing and kayaking to church. Do you get the idea.  I love these shoes.  I miss these shoes.

My shoe goal?  By this summer I will be back in my Chaco’s which I have not worn since 2006-2007.  Here’s looking forward to the familiar Z-shaped tan lines on my feet and to more motivating milestones on the journey.

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6 thoughts on “Day 29: Fit to be Tied (or, Do these shoes make my feet look fat?)

  1. I sooooo relate to this!! Before I go further…. YAY!!!!!!!!!!!!!! For years I could not wear “girl” shoes. I was blessed to inherit Fred FlintSTONES feet. Yes, I was a Stone prior to marriage so always assumed I was part of THAT lineage. Anyhow, my feet are not long, but wide even when I wasn’t heavy. But after becoming morbidly (don’t ya love that word) obese, my feet could not fit into even the widest of girl shoes. So I was doomed to wear mens, except for on Sunday when I wore shoes 3 sizes too long and then my feet ballooned out of the top. Anyway, when I was swimming and dropping the pounds, my shoes began to fall off while walking. So my husband dragged me down to the shoe store where I was expecting to buy yet another pair of hideous shoes. While there, nothing fit, it was all too big! He encouraged me to go to the girl shoes and try something on. I cannot tell you how afraid I was to do that. I didn’t want to feel that flush of embarrassment, that shame of once again being to fat to fit into a shoe. To make a very long story shorter, my foot fit into a GIRL shoe!! I sat in the shoe store and cried like a crazy woman. People of course noticed and inquired if I was ok. HOW can you tell someone that you are fine while rivers of water are flowing down your face? I wasn’t embarrassed this time. I wasn’t ashamed this time, not even for crying. I was overjoyed that for the first time in 20 years, I was going to wear GIRL shoes… CUTE girl shoes. I am happy to say that those pretty girl shoes are now too big! Not floppin too big, but they’re getting there.

  2. I’m going to place a bet.

    By the time next autumn comes around (forget summer, for now, you’re going to be living in sneakers) you’re going to want a pair of these:

    Why? Because they’re NICE 😉

    I don’t know how many shoe sizes you’re going to drop, but a friend of mine (female) lost a LOT of weight a few years back (stomach stapling) and dropped three full shoe sizes. Or it might have been four – I forget. But you can pretty much assume that pretty soon you will need new sneakers – probably Spring – and then again 2-3 months after that at the latest.

    Prepare thyself for LOTS of refits. Everything you wear will be going out the door, several times over.

    I’m going to enjoy watching you! 🙂

  3. Each time I come to your blog I am overwhelmed with joy for you! Your shoe victory is awesome and I can’t wait to see your new shoes in your new feet :)) You and your wife are an amazing couple and I love that you are sharing this journey with all of us! Thank you.
    Juice on!!

  4. Carolyn on said:

    Mark noticed healthier toenails this week. Tootsies tell all I guess!

  5. Anita Wilkerson on said:

    I don’t think you should drag your old sandals out of the closet. I think you should buy yourself a new pair!!! Hard work should be rewarded!!! And not by brownies, either… God is using you to be an inspiration to SO many people….

  6. PerpetualSharon on said:

    Last year I made this very observation myself. I told my husband that I was the only person I knew that could lose 10 pounds and the only thing that fit differently were my shoes!! 🙂

    Congratulations on your Juice Journey.

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