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Day 28: Check In, Check Up, and Check Out

Check in:

Status Day 28:

SW: 470          TW: 409.2       TWL: 60.8 lbs      Lbs to Goal: 184.2

Good weight loss this past week.  Good daily progress. Things are slowing down, but I think that is probably a good thing. While pleased with the dramatic results, I was getting a bit concerned about it being too much, too soon.  I would like to see those 2 lbs per day numbers  every day, but I know that it is not realistic and that it is not sustainable over the long-term and ultimately it may not even be healthy.  That, at the end, is my goal.  I am not trying to get ready for a photo shoot for GQ magazine those days are long gone. At best, when this is done, (without surgery which I am disinclined to do) I am going to look like a deflated balloon.  I know this and am okay with it.  It is part of the price I will pay for the abuse I put my body through for over 2 decades.  BUT, I am working on getting healthy.  Part of that is getting to a healthy and maintainable weight. It would be foolish to lose so much, so quickly that in my attempts to hit some sort of magic number on the scale only to lose my kidneys, my liver, or my overall health. Which brings me to our next topic.

Check Up:  Since finding out that I am on a juice fast you would not believe the number of people who are suddenly “concerned” about my health. Most of them would ask, “What does your Doctor think about this?” or “Are you under medical supervision?” or some similar question.  To which my answer was always “Ummm…what part of unemployed do you not understand? I have no insurance and cannot afford the $80+ doctor visit plus the extra $$ for the blood workup.

Well, that all changed today.  Thanks to some creative thinking from my dad and a call to a doctor in my community, I now have a doctor on board.  I went to go see him today.  Because I need to fast for at least 8 hours before they can check my cholesterol, he asked that I come back tomorrow. However, he did check my blood pressure and he went over some of the paper work that I brought with me regarding the reboot diet.

He looked over the paperwork and heard my story and said, “This is radical. This is a radical plan but you were in a radical situation.  I will say though, that of all the radical diets I have seen over my career this one at least seems to make some sense.  They have you consuming a wide variety of fruits and vegetables, they have added salt back in and have added oils back in to some of the meals…that’s good. It shows they are thinking and doing things right and that there could be some science involved.”

He then told me he did want to keep an eye on me to make sure that I don’t get into trouble down the road, he wasnt to check my organ function, etc.  But we will do all of that tomorrow morning.  I will let you know in two to three days when the results are back.

The takeaway is that there are doctors around who DO care about your health.  I am not begrudging anyone from making money, in fact I am in favor of it.  But it is nice to know that there are some who are willing to understand your situation, recognize that you are trying to do something good and help out.  He is giving me a good rate on my blood work and on my Dr. visits so that I can and will maintain them throughout the process.  Folks, this is one more excuse down the drain.  Even if you are in a situation like mine and either unemployed or with very limited funds, you can do this.

That said.  The purpose of this blog is not to recommend this way of life to any one.  it is merely to share my experience for those who may be interested. It is a place to share info and to let you know what you might expect based on ONE PERSON’S experience, research, and insight. Nothing more, nothing less.  If it helps you, if it is a blessing to you, then great.  However, I encourage you to seek medical advice.  Find someone who will get on board with you but who will be honest with you about the good and the potential pitfalls so you can move in wisdom.

By the way.  The last time my BP was checked I was at 154 over 110.  Last summer, I was at 180 over 109.  Today….my blood pressure is at 138 over 54.  I am still on the high side of normal with my top number, but it has fallen significantly and will still be improving.

Check Out:  I found this website today while looking for the nutritional value of Kale.  I wanted to see how many grams of protein I was getting each day so I would be ready for the doctor’s questions. 

This website is awesome.  If you click on the link it will take you to the data for Kale specifically, however, if you type in other fruit and veg into the search bar, on site, it will give you similar data for those foods.  Definitely worth book marking.

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