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Day 26: Tough Weekend, Easy Weightloss

Day 26 – current weight 410.6. Total lost 59.4 Pounds to goal: 185.6

I just wanted to post a quick update. I’m filing taxes this weekend and filling out or helping to fill out FAFSA forms for three college students in the house.

That said, it has been a tough weekend in terms of my food, cravings, etc.  I haven’t buckled yet. Though, to be honest, I have been close…very close. 

This is daunting and a herculean task…the enormity of knowing I still have 55 days left is overwhelming. But so is the weightloss.

I go to the scales every day thinking this is the day that I won’t lose; that my rate of loss can’t continue. But every day, I go and see that I have lost another 2-4 lbs almost without fail. I have not even added a consistent exercise program yet.

During my frustration last night, I spent a lot of time soul-searching. I will share those discoveries either tomorrow or Monday.

For now I got more stuff to do before the sunsets and I owe my wife some time.

Talk to you later. Juice On; Join the Journey.

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3 thoughts on “Day 26: Tough Weekend, Easy Weightloss

  1. Hang in there Rooster juicer!! Tough stuff for sure and yes, a pretty long road ahead. So, take a long at the loonngg road and then shorten your focus and look just at the next step. Not the next 2 or 3…just the next one!! That’s what rock climbers do – they don’t look down. They don’t look up. They just figure out where to put their foot next!! Be strong in the Lord and in His mighty power. When you are weak He will be strong!!

  2. Carolyn R on said:

    FAFSA could make anyone crave a twinkie!! There was a time I was in grad school, Taylor DBU, Erynn WT and Hannah taking dual credit thru highschool. Made my head swim!! But I’m out, Tate out, this May Erynn out, as Hannah chugs on. Heading back and forth to school was when I became out of shape. Rewarded myself with Long John Silver or Brahams on test days if I did good (reward) and test days if I did bad (comfort). Now the daily discipline comes slow compared to how easy the bad habits were! Hang in there, this journey is intentional and like your friend above posted, we’re not alone in it. People with skin and Lord with scars are with us! Way to choose wisely today! Sleep well!

  3. I am so proud of you. Carolyn’s comments were so good and your friend before Carolyn. They both seem to say just what was so special. I know it is so hard but so proud
    of such strong determination. “God is my strength and refuge..A very present help in my time of need.”Thank you , Lord, for the promises
    you give us”. Suffie on Ken’s sight.

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