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Was that slip up the result of a mistake or poor planning?

I just HAD to repost this. It’s too good. After a lifetime of poor choices I can relate to every word. Kimtri…don’t forget the other law of Newton that many of us have broken. Bodies at rest stay at rest; Bodies in motion stay in motion. Can I get an AMEN, Sista!

Pilates for Life

Recently Robert and I watched a movie with George Clooney, Ides of March.  In one scene, two men are discussing the betrayal that has happened in their relationship.  One character says to the other, “That wasn’t a mistake.  That was a poor  choice.”  It was very clear that this character was absolutely correct in his assessment and that just hit me over the head!

A mistake is when we make a choice or decision and we’ve made the best choice we know to make at the time. If it ends up not being the best choice, we learn from it and are wiser.  On the other hand a poor choice has less innocence.  A poor choice is when we look at the options available to us and we select the less wise decision knowingly. There is usually a hesitation, a pause and then for one reason or another we select…

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One thought on “Was that slip up the result of a mistake or poor planning?

  1. I love that other Newton Law!! Hey, I may have to find out more of his laws!! Glad we connected!! I’m excited for your journey.

    We juiced this morning – man, I just love it. Carrot, apple, parsley, kale and orange. Can I get a Yum!!

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