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DAY 23 UPDATE: I’m a salty, crunchy, fatty

My weight update is not in my usual format. I am not at home and am updating this on the fly.

Todays weight: 414.2. Total lost: 55.8. Pounds to go: 189.8 WooHoo!

I have discovered something. Most people fall into one of two camps: salty, crunchy, fatty or sweet creamy.

I am the former. Cakes, candies, pie…none of those has ever been much of a draw to me. I eat pink lemonade pie every year for my Birthday and that pretty much fills my desert quotient for the year. The lone exception? I am a sucker for ice cream anytime, any place.

However, give me something salty, crunchy, or high in fat and I could eat till my eyes bulge. I’m not proud of this, but I’ve been able to eat a bag of chips in one sitting since my youth. Make it salsa and tortilla chips and I can do it without guilt!

I love green beans but love ’em even more if they simmer all day with rendered bacon fat or with a piece of fat back (salt pork).

Enough of that, you get the idea.

Here’s my dilemma. All of the juices I have tried so far have tended to the sweet side. I did not know this til I quit sauteing them in butter, but most veggies are pretty sweet.

The juices that aren’t sweet are bitter. This is usually overcome by adding apple or lemon which does hide the bitter or grassy taste, but leaves you with another sweet concoction.

So what I’m looking for is recipes for savory juices. If you can help, please let me know. Thanks.

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2 thoughts on “DAY 23 UPDATE: I’m a salty, crunchy, fatty

  1. Dont’ know if this will help but I use something called Spikes seasoning and add a few splashes of Chipoltle Tobasco or like product to my green drink. My favorite is celery,red pepper,tomato, cilantro and lemon! it tastes like chips and salsa for sure!!

  2. Carolyn R on said:

    Went swimming with Mark today and then straight to wallyworld. candy aisle didnt’ tempt, meets, sausages no, sodas no, ice cream no. But the chip and salty aisle….hmmmm Almost picked up the chesters hot fries, my favorites to read the nutrition or lack of chart. But decided against it, once in hand, hard to put down. chieck out with out…..high fat, high sodium, high sugar, etc etc

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