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Helpful Hints from a Fellow Traveller

Lethalastronaut was one of the first people to “like” or to “follow” my blog and is a frequent comment. 

After my discussion about McDonald’s “Real Fruit Smoothies”, she mentioned that she makes her own smoothies at home and uses HOMEMADE YOGHURT!  Needless to say, I was both impressed and curious.

So, I wrote to her and asked her about the yoghurt and smoothie making process.  She was extremely helpful.

Juicing is not an all-or-nothing proposition. Think of it as more of a continuum.  I am at one extreme of the spectrum as I am using it for total nourishment and meal replacement for 75 days.  Others are using it on a limited basis to help control weight or for a shorter timer period. While still others are using it only as a convenient and easy way to make sure they get in all of their fruit and veg.  Lots more data on each program can be found at

If you are in the strictly jucing phase, where I am, the info on yoghurt is not beneifical.  BUT, I will not always be in this phase and will ultimately have to return to a more normalized, though still vastly improved, diet. When I do, I am looking forward to making my own yoghurt and, if I can, get my milk straight from a local dairyman friend of mine.

For the rest of you, yogurt may be a good option for you.  It does have a lot of health benefits and Greek Yogurt seems to be all the rage these days in modern recipes.  My wife, in fact, is planning on using Greek Yogurt as a substitute for sour cream. 

When improving our health, it is not always improtant to make perfect choices, as long as we are making better choices. As in yogurt is better than sour cream; Frozen yogurt with real fresh fruit is better than ice cream with processed, sugared, fruit parts; and homemade & fresh is always better than store bought & prepackaged (in terms of health, taste, and nutrition).

So, thanks to the help of Lethalastronaut, here is how you can do it, if you so desire.  There are also links to the manufacturer of Lethal’s yogurt maker of choice, a New Zealand company.  And yes, I have contacted the company.  They will ship to the U.S. and they have a distributor her in the states as well. 

Now for her indepth explanantion and reply to my questions.  Thanks Lethal!

Re: making yoghurt: all you need is a spoonful of the type of yoghurt you want to make, plus the type of milk you want to make it from.


greek yoghurt spoonful + full fat milk = full fat greek yoghurt
greek yoghurt spoonful + skinny milk = lite greek yoghurt

and so on.

Yep, I make greek style all the time. Usually lite. Yum.

BTW, to save money, you can make yoghurt just as easily from powdered milk. Just follow the directions on the powdered milk pack, then add it to the spoonful of culture and put it in the yoghurt maker.

To make yoghurt, I use an EasiYo ( maker and pots – I just bought my maker in the supermarket. But all it is is an insulated plastic container, and you put the pot inside.

This product ( Yogotherm looks really similar to the EasiYo. I did a pretty comprehensive search and found that most yoghurt makers in the US seem to electric – this is totally unnecessary, and a complete waste of your $$$. I’ve been making yoghurt for years, and have never failed yet with the plain old EasiYo!

Re culture (the spoonful of yoghurt you use to start it off). This is just trial and error. Some yoghurts work better than others, But I find that the “lite”, diet brands of yoghurt DONT work – they’re mostly sugar, gelatine and filler, not actually yoghurt. For your starter you need a real yoghurt, so check the ingredients, and go for one without gelatine. Gelatine is a sure sign they used cruddy ingredients, and needed the gelatine to to make it thicken (it’s a cheap product).

Here’s a link to a friend of mine’s website which tells how she makes yoghurt.

Hope this is the info you were after!


Juice On; Join the Journey!

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3 thoughts on “Helpful Hints from a Fellow Traveller

  1. Carolyn R on said:

    I have eaten Greek yogurt every day for the last two weeks. A little honey and either blueberries or strawberries. I agree it would be a good sub for sour cream.

    • Carolyn, good job on your journey. You are having amazing success. Be proud of it and celebrate it.

      One thought for you to try as you expand your food horizon. Try a bottle of agave nectar. Look for it at natural food stores. It tastes like a mix of honey and maple syrup but sweeter and lower in calories. Just a thought. Try some and let me know what you think. Oh its about 6-7 $$ per bottle in Tennessee. Incase you were wondering how much it would be. Def worth it.

      Keep up the great work. Juice On; Join the Journey.

  2. Hey, no problem! Glad the info was useful.

    Juice on! (or should I say, YogOn! LOL)

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