My Juicing Journey

Day 19: Things Returning to Normal

Status Day 19:

SW: 470          TW: 424.0       TWL: 46.0 lbs      Lbs to Goal: 199.0

Been a busy day today, but a good day.  The dark grey funk from the past few days is behind and I lost the weight from my two-day anomaly.

My wife and I went for a walk together right before lunch, then we went to go see the new Tom Hanks movie Extremely Loud and Incredibly Close.  No spoiler alert here but if you had anything to do with 9/11 you might think twice before seeing this movie.  As a journalist, I covered it from 350 miles away at our networks main studio, even so I was flooded with visions of that day and all of the interviews I did and sharing those tense days with my kids.  It was good to be out with my missus, but I can’t say it was a “fun” time.  The movie is good, but it will leave you emotionally drained.

But I digress.  What did we learn from my two-day trip into weight loss purgatory?  Don’t give up and don’t lose sight of the end goal.  Fellow Blogger, Lethalastronaut, stopped by with some good words of encouragement and that helped.

When you are attempting to lose weight keep a few things in mind:

  • Sleep (or lack of) can impact your weight day-to-day
  • Salt and other spices can affect your weight
  • Not drinking enough water will actually cause you to retain water
  • Not eating enough food will actually make you gain weight.  (Don’t believe me, ask 5 overweight people you know.  I bet all of them skip at least one or more meals a day.)

Finally, weight loss is good, but health is better.  There are a lot of “skinny” but unhealthy people out there.  Make your goal about more than just a number on a machine.  Let it be about your overall health, your ability to move and complete your daily tasks with ease and without pain, or about your blood pressure or cholesterol as well. 

By encompassing all of these things, then even on the days when the scales are not your friend.  And trust me, those days will come, you are a living organism and weight will fluctuate for any variety of reasons, even if you aren’t “cheating”. When they come, ask yourself why and make sure there isn’t something that you can control. Then focus on the good stuff, on the progress you have made, and carry on.  Your body will catch up to you again.

If it doesn’t regulate on its on after 4 days or so, that, too, is fine.  Just shock your body by upping your calories for a few days with healthy options, or boost your expenditure by increasing your exercise by 15-20%. You’ll bust through that plateau and be back on track.

Juice on; Join the Journey.

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3 thoughts on “Day 19: Things Returning to Normal

  1. sweetopiagirl on said:

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  2. thanks for this… i had the worst day yesterday! Everything you said was true, i was not drinking enough water, had started using spices, and was so tired I was not juicing enough! Getting more revived this am as I start another day!

    • Julia, there is nothing wrong, per se with the spices. Some of them though, like my favorites – the really hot ones – like habenero chiles and chili powder the body has to dilute, it does so with water. Others hvae a tendency to mix in added salt or sodium. When you can, its best to grind them yourself or uses them whole.

      And you are right, the water is SO important. I am bad about not drinking enough. I get too busy, then forget.

      Glad to hear you are styaing on track and revitalized this morning, best of luck to you today.

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