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Day 17 Update: A chance to brag

Status Day 17:

SW: 470          TW: 424.8       TWL: 45.2 lbs      Lbs to Goal: 199.8

So, I finally made it to one of my minor goals.  I am now less than 200 lbs away from my ultimate goal, and closing in on 50 lbs. total weight lost.  It is hard to believe just looking at the numbers what a difference it makes seeing it go from 2 something to 1 something, even if it is 199.8. It really makes a difference.

That, though, is not what I want to brag on.  I actually want to brag on my wife, today. She, like me, has struggled her whole life with weight issues. Even more so than me it has had a crippling effect on her physically and emotionally. As her husband it has been hard to watch. To see her put limits on her self. 

However, this past December during one of our evening conversations, she told me flat out, she was tired of it, all of it.  Not just the weight, but other things as well.  She pronounced that she didn’t know if some of the decisions she was going to make in the near future would ultimately be right or wrong, but they were – at the very least – going to be different.

She came to the place in her own life, her own journey, that she decided that what she had been doing and they way she had been doing it was not working anymore and there were going to be some wholesale changes.

With that simple utterance, she freed herself.  I have never been prouder.  Part of that change has been in her diet.  She is not juicing, though she is very supportive of what I am doing.  She has opted for a plan that has her restricted to a certain number of calories and eating six small meals a day while increasing her intake of fruits and veg.

This is a woman, if we could have afforded it or had insurance would have gone under the knife to end her battle with obesity because she felt so defeated by her past attempts. But she had stuck with this plan.  Nothing fancy just smart eating, no junk food, no restaurants, and no caffeine.

And it is working.  I have the blog so my numbers are out there for the world to see and I get kudos publicly and privately cause folks see daily what I am doing. true to her nature, she is doing this quietly, but every bit as successfully. She actually has lost almost as much, if not more, than I.  (Although she began a week to ten days before being hospitalized, she did not weigh until we returned home. So her absolute total is a bit unsure.)  We do know this, though…she has lost over 35 lbs and has just dropped below a major number for her.

Thursday is our Date Night and every week on Thursday the world stops and we spend quality time together, just focused on each other.  It is always the highlight of my week.  It usually meant going out to eat and then some other activity. Seldom though did we do anything overly active because of the pain that my wife lived in day and night from her weight, from edema in her legs, and due to potentially awkward situations socially. However, today, on discussing our plans for this evening.  We believe in two to three weeks, we are probably going to try bowling.  That will be a milestone for us and somethign I am truly looking forward to.  Maybe that will be my reward when I cross the 400 lb barrier.  Hearing her agree to go bowling in the near future was a monumental moment for her and for me.

By her own accounting she has never lost this much weight before.  And folks, you should see the way she has set her beautiful eyes. There is a such determination and hope reflected in those lovely, coconut-brown, orbs that  I know she has more, much more, success in front of her.

This kinda relates to my post from earlier today.  Weight loss is not magic; it’s basic math. She is consuming less than she is burning and the weight is just falling off.

People have started asking me what sort of diet they should be on, like I am some sort of guru or svengali.  I always tell them the same, “Whatever diet you can stay on.”  This is not about a quick fix or a miracle cure, this is about life change.

If you are ready to do that, I reckon most any plan will work.  If you’re not, then either long term or short term, every last one of them will fail.

Is juicing the right answer?  For me it is. It is an easy way for me to get the nutrients my diet had been lacking.  It was drastic and dramatic, but then, I have a drastic goal in front of me.  My choices were to juice or die.  It may not be the right answer for you, but we can talk about that more tomorrow.

For today, I am just going to enjoy my relative success so far and bask in all that my wife is doing and all that she is becoming.  First on the inside, then how it is affecting her outwardly.  I tell ya, I could not be prouder. 

All I know is this:  When God made her, he was having a really GOOD day!

Juice on; Join the journey.

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One thought on “Day 17 Update: A chance to brag

  1. Wow!! Congratulations!! I am soo proud of the two of you and I dont’ even know you :)) I love that you are doing it together and your evident love for your wife is so God honoring which makes it even that more beautiful. I am praying for the two of you and plan to pray for you at the first morning juice as long as I am on the program! The Lord continue to unify the two of you and encourage each other in this incredible commitment you have made to health!
    p.s. I am from Santa Barbara Calif 🙂

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