My Juicing Journey

What Happens When You’re Not Wasting Time Eating

People wonder what I do with my extra time, now that I am not eating.

Well, I could say I am washing dishes!  If you let that juice dry on your glass, it leaves a residue that is like cement to clean off!  Shortly after I started I decided it would just be easier to pour them into those plastic disposable cups.  Hey, I said easier not environmentally friendly.  It also makes it easy to always have my juice with me.

So in honor of my new journey and in honor of my new drinking vessels I wrote this little song about the decision to juice, about the process, and yes about my little cups.

If you like Toby Keith’s new song “Red Solo Cup”, then my apologies.  But, me and the kids had fun doing this. Thanks to my young’ns. 

We hope you enjoy our musical take on juicing.

After hearing this you probably want me to go back to eating. But dang! This is just too much fun.

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