My Juicing Journey

Day 15 Update: A Funny Thing Happened on the Way to My Goal

Status Day 15:

SW: 470          TW: 427.4       TWL: 42.6 lbs      Lbs to Goal: 202.4

Here it is, the last day of my Entry Program as described by Joe Cross’ organization at

So far, in 14 days I have lost 42 pounds.  While that is exciting, I am hoping I lose 2.6 pounds today. It was my goal to be under 200 lbs to my goal before I started the stricter juice fast.  It’s not necessary, but it was kind of a mental thing for me.

To be honest, it was not my original plan.  In fact, I did not even conceive of it until I hit the 25# mark so quickly. It was then that I adopted the new short-term goal. The fact is, I am amazed at how quickly, relatively easy, and ostensibly painless this process has been.

I am 44+ years old now. So if you break it down I have alive a little more than 2,288 weeks.  Two of those I have been juicing/eating nothing but fresh fruits and veg. That means I have been juicing only 1/1,144th of my life. That’s NOTHING!  I could do this standing on my head. 

For those who may think they could not endure for such a long period of time as two weeks consider this:  It takes 40 weeks for a human to form and be born, it takes 18 weeks to complete a semester at school, it takes 13 weeks for summer to pass, it takes up to 5 weeks to complete the MLB play-offs, 4 weeks to close on a home, 2 weeks for the run-up to the Superbowl.  Why do I bring all of that up?  Because those are all things that most of us have experienced and the time seemed to fly by.  All the Entry Program for a reboot takes is 2 weeks.  You CAN do this. 

You may lose weight in the process, I do not know.  For you, it may not be about losing weight, it may just be about being healthy, doing all you can to prevent cancer, to get your body functioning properly, or simply sleeping better at night. The pay-off is waiting on you.  All it takes is a little dedication, a lot of preparation, and 2 weeks of your time.  I think you are worth that, don’t you?

And, if you do have some weight to lose, you may have an laugh-out-loud moment like had last Friday.

Remember I am morbidly obese.  What that means in my case is my gut is disproportionately large. (That seems to be where I store most of my fat cells). Because of this, my waist measurement is slightly larger than my hips and rump. This generally is not a problem because the tension between my waist and the waistband on my trousers keeps everything in place.

Last Friday, though, I went to the car to retrieve some forms I needed for this semester of School.  I bent into the car, retrieved what I needed then back out of the car.  At that precise moment, I sneezed. Upon sneezing, as is often the case, my stomach muscles contracted sharply. Between the sneeze and the loss of nearly 40 #’s the aforementioned tension disappeared.

Since the waist band of my pants is larger than my hips, there was suddenly nothing to stave off the wicked work of gravity. My pants dropped to the ground quicker than a wink. Without warning or provocation I was suddenly at in the driveway of my suburban home standing beside my car pantless.

It was at that moment that it dawned on me, maybe I have really lost the weight and they are not just numbers on the scale. 

Not to worry, when i realized that tension alone would no longer do the trick, I went searching and found the last belt I owned that fit me.  after boring FIVE new holes in it, it now fits me again.  Not because it is too small, but because it is too large.

Looks like I will get to dig into my box of “one-day-these-will-fit-me-again” clothes, soon.  Until then, fear not, I have learned my lesson.  Those who are juicing should always wear belts in public.

Whether you will be starting your own 15 day Entry Program, doing a 10-day juice fast, or joining me on my sixty day (and subsequent lifetime) journey to wellness, I encourage you to start today.  Just keep a belt and suspenders handy, you may need them.

Juice on; Join the Journey.


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