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Facing the Giants and the Gingrich Who Stole The Election

If you scan the newspapers this morning you will find a couple of stories that, on their face, are not related but do find relevance for us dealing with obesity and juicing.

The first, from the sport pages is that the New England Patriots will be traveling to their 7th Super Bowl; their fifth with Tom Brady at the helm.  All of this is thanks, in very large part to an unlikely hero, Sterling Moore.

The second is about Newt Gingrich.  As a political character he is very interesting.  he rose to prominence during the Republican takeover in the second year of President Bill Clinton’s first term.  Then he went from being the golden boy to the symbol of all that was wrong with the republican party as he left his position as Speaker of the House in disgrace in 1997. 

He remained in the background, quietly rebuilding his reputation, his support base, and his power.  This year he entered the race to be the Republican nomination for President of the United States. In the first primary, he was embarrassed in Iowa. On Saturday, however, he surprised everyone by stunning Mitt Romney with an upset in Saturday’s South Carolina primary. He is now considered by some to be the front-runner.

What do these stories have in common with my journey? Quite a bit, actually.  Sterling Moore was undrafted when it came his time to try to make the leap to the NFL.  Finally, after tryouts, he landed a job with the Oakland Raiders.  However, even though the team hired him, he was only considered good enough to make the practice squad.  For those who don’t know the practice squad is basically a group of live “tackling and blocking dummies”.  It allows the team to practice against real people and get their plays right before a game without having to worry about injury one of their main players.

Then, insult on insult, he was even cut from the practice squad. 

New England knew about him however and they were desperate. Their defense had been decimated by injuries and they needed someone who understood football, was available, and had a pulse.  He qualified.  He served without distinction, racking up only 7 tackles and 2 interceptions all season. Then in the final seconds of the AFC Championship game he stripped the ball from a Baltimore Raven receiver preventing a touchdown that would have sent the Ravens, not the Patriots to the Superbowl to face the NY Giants.

Newt Gingrich, as mentioned earlier had seen early, monumental, success politically.  then he had fallen from grace and had been cast onto the dustbin of history by his own. By all accounts his career was done.  Even when he tried to fund his own return he could manage no better than 4th place in Iowa and New Hampshire.  Now, two weeks later he is the front runner for the GOP nomination.

In my effort to maintain my health, I can relate to both men. Unlikely, unexpected, and without much hope. I have also tasted success, losing 100 or more pounds twice in my life only to gain it back.

I have reasons to give up, to feel that hope is lost.  Like Newt, though and like Sterling Moore.  I cannot quit.  Setbacks are not the end of the road.  I must stay prepared and constantly be on guard and looking for the next time.  This time is my time to succeed.  Not short term but forever.

It would have been easy for either Moore or Gingrich to let whispers of their past tell them they could not do it, they had failed, they were ‘written off’, or get used to mediocrity.  It would be easy for me to hear my own demons tell me of the times that I have failed.  That prior commitments ended in a three-cheesburger debauch. 

I could listen to those voices, but why? I may even fail again.  But failing does not equal failure.  I only become a failure when I quit trying.  Last week was disappointing; I did not lose the weight that I had hoped to. My weight loss seemed to stagnate.  I could have said “This juicing is for the birds.” or “This is too hard, the payoff is too small”.  I did not and this morning, after sticking by the plan, by the program, I awoke to find that I lost almost 4 pounds overnight.

I am now below 430 lbs. with the actual juicing portion of my diet to start later this week.

If you are on the journey, don’t give up.  You may be one play away from victory.  Do not let your past lie to you.  Your past is not your future.  You can do this, one right decision at a time.

Juice on; Join the Journey.

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