My Juicing Journey

Day 14 Update: Cold Mountain and A Warm Welcome to a Monday

Status Day 14:

SW: 470          TW: 429.6       TWL: 40.4 lbs      Lbs to Goal: 204.6

I mentioned in a previous post about my disdain for sweet potatoes. I further mentioned in that post that it was not only a dislike for the taste and texture but an allergy to the plant that was my problem. 

However, because it seems to be an integral part of the reboot program, especially the 15 day entry menu, I opted to try it.  I have learned to accept the taste and texture, and thought I would see if I am still allergic to it since my allergy was discovered as a young teen.

Well, I think I am.  Thursday or Friday I had the harvest roasted vegetable medley.  Which IS tasty, for a fact but it contains a copious amount of the orange nemesis. (The recipe calls for 4 sweet potatoes!).

Since that day I have been, as we say in polite southern company, “backed up.”  I have felt bloated and miserable but could not gain the relief I was seeking regardless of the amount of water I drank or the fibrous veg and fruit I consumed.

Anyone who has seen the movie “Cold Mountain” will no doubt remember the character of Veasey, the defrocked pastor who travels with Inman.  During his travels Veasy disappears behind some bushes and moments later you hear the following conversation.

Veasey: Oh God of my God! Hallelujah! Hallelujah!
Junior: What’s up?
Veasey: The Israelites! The tribes of Israel are about to flee from the banks of Egypt! Hallelujah!
Inman: He’s got a $#!& coming on. It’s overdue.

It’s a classic scene in a wonderful movie.  To those of you who have been “backed up” you understand Veasey’s sheer joy and enthusiasm.

Not only was I feeling miserable, I also had run into a brick wall where my weight loss was slowing down.

This morning, the ‘Israelites were freed from bondage’ and the scale showed almost a four pound weight loss.  See told you I was backed up, miserable and bloated.

Back on course and I know now to limit if not avoid the sweet potatoes.

Juice On; Join the Journey.


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