My Juicing Journey

Day 9 Update: Weight and Energy Both Down.

Status Day 9:

Starting Weight: 470   Today’s Weight: 438.2    Total Loss:  21.8 lbs    Lbs to Goal: 217.8

I’m exhausted!  Not sure if it is from the detox still, the lack of sleep, or volume of work I have had to do lately or some combination.

I am sure that at least part of it is I am tired of thinking.  I have to think about what I am going to eat, when I am going to eat, how that will affect me.  It just all weighs on you after a bit.

It was easier when I just ate when, where, and what I wanted.  Easier….not better.

I am sure this will all improve as I get used to the routine of it.  But for now, I am just exhausted. Perhaps I need a juice? 🙂

I will say this about todays weigh-in.  I am now officially at the starting weight of my last diet in 2010. I went on the HCG diet. I know many people swear by it, and it did work for the short term. But as you can tell, I put back on the weight I had lost, plus 40 of its ugly friends.

Can you beleive that, though, I was so desperate to lose this weight 2 years ago that I actually took pregnant woman hormones?! The diet and weight loss industry is full of “solutions”, many of which are aimed at vanity more than real change.

I am taking drastic steps, because I am in a drastic situation. the reality is I could drop dead at any moement form my weight and that has to change and has to change now. But the science is not hard.  Burn more calories than you consume and you will lose weight; it is basic math. It is the doing of it is that is hard. It is the thining about waht goes into your body, and how you utilize that energy that makes it challenging and makes us ‘fatties’ a prime target for clever marketers.  Feed the machine quality fuel and it will perform.  It’s that simple; it’s that hard.

I am a veteran of almost every major diet out there.  Nutri System, LA Weightloss, Weightwatchers, TOPS, Weigh Down, First Place, Atkins, and my own self-prescribed program.  Though I have had success, losing more than 100 lbs on two or three occasions, It never lasted.

That is why I am dealing with some of the psychology this go round. Hopefully to keep it off.

I won’t say much more today, because I’m just mentally drained.  But keeps the comments and questions coming.  It’s fun to have people with you.

It’s like those long middle miles in a marathon, you just gotta keep “pickin ’em up and puttin em down” step by step we’ll get there. 

I’m exhausted but undaunted; weary but unwavering.

Juice on; Join the journey.


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One thought on “Day 9 Update: Weight and Energy Both Down.

  1. lynnsevolution on said:

    Congrats on getting to day 9 of your juicing journey! I saw the same documentary a few weeks ago. I was inspired as well. I plan on attempting a week long juice fast in the spring/summer when more fresh fruits and vegs are available (and cheaper). Keep up the hard work.

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