My Juicing Journey

What’s My Price?

One of my all-time favorite Winston Churchill stories is one that I have used in business meetings and as sermon illustrations and it has merit for my current journey so I have been thinking about it this weekend.

Winston Churchill was at a party when he happened to notice a very beautiful socialite across the room.  Approaching her, he discretely whispered to her, “Madame, would you sleep with me for 5 million pounds?”

The woman feigned shock, then replied. “If we can work out the details I guess I would.” As she sought to keep the interlude a private matter.

Churchill then asked, “Would you sleep with me for 50 pounds?”

This time, the woman was truly horrified and said sharply, “What kind of woman do you think I am?!”

Churchill stated matter of factly, “The kind of woman you are has already been determined by my first question.  Now, we are just haggling over your price.”

This story finds meaning for me on this journey because it makes me consider at what price can I be bought off of my current path.  Where is my integrity?  Where is my committment?

It would be easy to say, “If I were hospitalized and no longer in control of my diet then, in that case, I would come off of my current program.”  But even under those extreme situations I have admitted that there is something that could veer me from my path.

If I am willing to leave for that, why else would I leave? A planned trip? A business meeting with clients in which I do not wish to be embarrassed by my drinking a veg drink while they eat? A family reunion where I don’t want to ‘be a bother’? Perhaps, it is a long day at the office that extended way too long and I am famished, so a quick stop by a fast food joint would do? Maybe it is that dish of candy at the receptionist’s desk while I wait or the bucket of pop-corn that smell so good at the theater.  Maybe it is just the feeling that “I have been good so far, one Snickers bar won’t hurt”?

If I can envision a scenario so extreme that I would buckle, then “What” I am has been determined.  I am a quitter. All that would be left then is to determine how cheaply my goals, my aspirations, my integrity is for sale.

I am reminded of what God said to Joshua in the Old Testament as he faced a long journey down an unsure path.  I do not know if you have the same convictions as I, but these are good words regardless. 

“Be strong and courageous…Do not turn to the left or the right that you may have good success wherever you go.” Joshua 1:7

If you are joining me on this journey to wellness, whether you are doing it via the reboot or not, you are on a good journey.  Set your face, determine that there is no price at which you can be bought. Then be strong, be courageous, step surely and walk with integrity.  Sure there will be distractions but we have a goal greater than a dinner party, the fleeting satisfaction of a snickers bar, a steak, or a diet coke. We have health in sight and all of the benefits that brings with it.

I cannot see tomorrow, I do not know what it holds.  But for today, I will not waver; I will not falter. Today, There is no price at which I can be bought.  My eyes are fixed, my goals are set.  Today, I will achieve.

Juice on, join the journey.

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