My Juicing Journey

A Little Perspective

I was pondering my weight as I sipped my morning juice this morning. You know, it’s a bit like the national debt.  When you get to numbers that large it is hard to fathom the reality of it.  For those of you who weigh lessor amounts it may even be tougher to grasp. For me it is hard to conceive of because i am with it every day…kind of a “can’t see the forest for the trees” scenario.

Well lets put it in perspective.  The World Weighlifting record for the “Snatch” competition was 212Kg or 466.4 lbs just a few short years ago.  Watch these athletes here.

They are struggling with amounts, that, at the heaviest, were still 3.6 pounds LESS than my starting weight.  That means that at my former weight, the strongest man in the world would not be able to lift me. That, is a little bit of perspective.  That is motivation.

Oh, if you watched the video, did you notice how their legs shook and they wobbled as they attempted to stand with that weight piled onto their shoulders? THAT, I could relate to.  That is about what it looks like any time I try to stand….slowly raise, wobble, contemplate falling back down, then finally getting my feet under me so I can go wherever it was I was heading.

Yep, life will be different at the end of this journey. Can’t wait.

Juice on and join the journey.

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