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Day 6 Update, Recipes and My Problems with the Uber-Tuber

Status Day 6:

Starting Weight: 470   Today’s Weight: 446.8    Total Loss:  23.2 lbs    Lbs to Goal: 221.8

My weight loss has come to a screeching halt.  Could be my body catching up, could be the stress of this past weekend with my beautiful bride in ICU, could be any number of things.  I don’t know.  But I will press on.

I do know this, my body is still detoxing.  I am supposed to be passed the worst of it, and I guess I am. The cravings at least seem to be gone, and the hunger only shows up at meal time when I should be eating.  In fact, getting all the food/juice in is my biggest problem.  The combination of time constraints and being full are my biggest hurdles. 

As regards the detox, the headaches returned this afternoon, as did the blase/semi-depressed feelings, plus I am a bit lethargic. Hopefully that will pass with a good nights sleep.

Oh, one thing about the detox for you to expect.  If you were not eating vegetables before, as your digestive tract gets use to them, especially the dark green ones.  Expect changes to the…. ah-hem..outflow…shall we call it.  First, I have been extremely gassy, but it has not been particularly odorous. Expect also to see a change to the color and consistency of your leavings.  I am learning not to be freaked out by anything I see these days in the porcelain throne. Expect also variations in frequency. 

Right now, I would not say that I am constipated, in that I do not feel tight, crampy or bloated but I have not been to the smallest room in the house for two days.  (That may also explain my weight loss slow down, if I lose ten pound tomorrow, we’ll know why.)

Like I say, it varies.  At times I feel like a human-sized salad-shooter and others I feel like I am passing something between a medicine ball and the stones used to construct the Mayan pyramids.

Enough talk of things scatological.  But I told you at the outset I would be upfront and honest about all aspect of this journey and In case you are considering it yourself, I want you to know what to expect.  If you want more info you can check out more here.

On to better topics. I hate sweet potatoes.  Always have, always will.  As a child my mom would fix them regularly. As the child of one of those you-must-clean-your-plate-think-of-the-starving-children-in-Africa moms, you can imagine my glee when a trip to the allergist revealed that the one thing in the whole world that I was most allergic to was…yep, sweet potatoes.

Now, during my heaving weight-lifting days in college, during my running days in the early 2000’s every mag I picked up had an article extolling the virtues of sweet potatoes. Don’t believe me?  Check out this article. 

There is an unholy cabal to promote sweet potatoes, I tell you. I think I want to start an Occupy MacGregor’s Farm movement to protest it. But I digress.

So, imagine my dismay when I saw how many of the meals and juices for my 75 day journey were filled with sweet potatoes (for the record, I hate cantaloupe just as much but more on that on another day.)

But, I had committed to giving this reboot thing and honest go.  No variations, no whimping out.  So when I went to the store, I bought several servings of the things. I swear to you it was almost enough to make me want to take up cussing professionally to see my hard-earned money going for something I hated.

To make matters worse, last night was day 5.  That is the day that supper consists of sweet potato and carrot “fries”. I had a rough past few days, I was detoxing and now I had to come face to face with my nemesis.

But I did.

2 sweet potatoes later, I can now say, “I hate sweet pota…..Okay, I can tolerate sweet potatoes. Always have, Always will”  I have to admit, this recipe took something that I disdain and turned it into something that I can eat, and actually enjoyed one or two bites of.

Here is the miraculous recipe from my silent mentors at, which, if you feel about SP like I do, may help you face your beta carotene infused demons. What made this so nice is that the two things that I dislike most about SP were dealt with, the mushy texture and the cloying sweetness.  The cumin helps turn this into a slightly more savory dish (I am considering adding chili powder to my next batch) while the “frying” helps give each little fry a bit of crispness that really helps. One note, I altered the recipe slightly by julienning my SP and Carrots rather than using larger wedges.

Finally, today being Sunday I had to watch football. But, instead of grabbing the chips and salsa, as luck would have it, my scheduled lunch was veggie strips and yucca root with guacamole and salsa.

Yucca Root Chips…where have you been all my life!  These are wonderful! If you are working for health, add these to your plans now!  In fact, make it a point this week to find a store in your area that sells yucca root.  These are the answer to my chip-munching dilemma. Trust me, as a 400+ pound man, I am a connoisseur of potato chips and these cannot be beat.  They are light, crispy, stand up to dipping, and have everything you want in a potato chip, but no guilt.

Here’s the reboot approved recipe:


1 yucca root, olive oil, Sea salt (celtic salt or Himalayan salt are fine), pepper


Heat oven to 375.  Peel yucca root.  Cut into chips (make them as thin as your tastes dictate). Spray or lightly coat with olive oil.  Salt and pepper to taste (no more than 1 tsp of salt). Separate chips and place in oven.  Cook for about 25 minutes. 1 root should be enough for two servings, so divide them before you eat them or I promise you, you will eat all of them.

My Notes:  The 25 minutes call for was a bit too long.  Some of mine burned, but even burnt they were good. Also, I am going to experiment with Chives, or Chili Powder next time.  Can’t wait for them to be on the menu again!  Oh, and they are outstanding with guacamole.  I tell you, if it means we can get more yucca roots in this country, NAFTA may not be that bad after all.

More later.  Keep your comments and questions coming.  This is fun.  If an old fat guy like me can find a way to eat a sweet potato, then there is hope for all of us. And in our willingness to try new things we may even find a new favorite, like yucca chips.

These are the unexpected joys of journeys. Juice on and join the journey.

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