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Of Girth, Goals, and Gadgets

As I mentioned in the about us section of the blog, I am in the final semesters of my MBA degree. While there one of the oft-repeated mantras is that for a goal to be a goal, it has to be statable, attainable, and measurable.

For our purposes, for me on my journey, for example, “I want to be healthy” or even “I want to be healthier” or “feel better” these are not goals, they are platitudes. They are not state-able because they cannot be clearly defined. They cannot be easily measured and they are too subjective.

I could say I want to lose weight, which is better, but is still not defined and not very measurable. That is, if I lose 1 lb. I have lost weight, so technically I have reached my goal. Should I quit, then?  No. I must have a clearly defined goal and must strive to achieve.

I am on a journey and like any journey, I must set a destination. I could not leave my driveway and say “I am going west.” How will I know when I reach “west”. Instead I say, “I am going west, to eastern nm to visit my parents. I will take I-40, to I-30, then to I-20, etc and it should take me about 21 hours.”

Now THAT is a goal and meets all the criteria. I know where I am going, how I am going, and I can measure my progress against my time-frame and my stated destination.

On my current journey, NM is not my goal; health is. So are pain-free, losing weight, and more active. But those are ideals, not goals.

Here are my goals, I want to weigh 225 lbs. I want to reach that weight within 2 years. I want to increase my vegetable and plant intake to 10 servings per day and decrease meat consumption to 2 days per week. I want to exercise at least 4 days per week.

To jump-start all of this, I am juicing for 75 days (15 days entry, 60 days juice fast program. Both described at ).

That brings me to one of the key measurables, weight. I want to weigh 225 lbs. In order to attain that I must lose 245 lbs from my starting weight of 470. 

For those who are morbidly obese this is a challenge. Not just losing the weight, but the mechanics of measuring it.  My doctor’s office scales only measure up to 350 lbs. I could go to my local stockyard or grain elevator but that seems a little humiliating. Normal household scales stop at 300 lbs. And then there’s the other problem.

I’ve not seen my toes in 7 years, much less the dial on a scale.

God news for me, and for any of you who may be facing the same challenge. I havefound a scale from Taylor. It is a 550lb capacity, it is VERY affordable, and best of all, it project your weight via LED onto the wall.

I purchased one and now my goals are just that. They are goals: they are statable, attainable, and measurable thanks to Taylor Scales. 

My goals are mine. Set your own. But make sure that they meet the criteria of a real goal and not a wish, hope, or ideal. Then juice on and join the journey.

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  1. WOW! You have an amazing start to your story! You have also set some very serious goals. I wish you the best of luck while you’re on your journey.

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