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Road Bumps on the Journey

Okay first let me say, I am posting this from a phone. So my spelling may be poor, my syntax may be wrong, and I may misuse capitalization.

I don’t care.

Shortly after my post this morning, I received a call from my beautiful
bride. She was at the doctor to check on some discomfort. I will say no more as that is private, and that is HER journey. But the call was to inform me she was being taken to the emergency room.

In that moment I could feel the adrenaline activating my fight or flight response. It chewed through my morning breakfast pretty quickly.  

She is now in ICU. I found a V8 to get me passed the drop in blood sugar. We’ll see how I handle the rest of this. I doubt they will let me bring a vitamix into the waiting room. 🙂

I know some may think “how could you think about juicing or your program at a time like this?!”  How can I not?

First, it is giving me something to do in between my 15-minutes-every-2-hours visits. Secondly, how can I not think about it. It is precisely NOT thinking about our diet that has led us to this point. And by rights it could/should just as easily be me with the iv and the split tail gown.

Sure, right now would be an easy time to head to the vending machine grab a couple of cokes, a snickers, and a vended sandwich. It would be convenient to go grab a #2 combo super-sized from the golden coffin but those are the easy,convenient decisions that have led me to 470 lbs.

No, for today I will not do what’s easy. For today, I will choose to stay on my journey, realizing that bumps, too, are part of the process.

My wife and I love to travel. Not posh jet-set the globe travel but pile into a minivan or SUV, cover 1000 miles in 2 days travel. Looking back, it was the unexpected misadventures, like high centering a rental car in the backwoods of Tennessee and eating our picnic while ourselves being devoured by mosquitos that saw my 400 pounds of flesh an irresistible buffet or the two-hour delay/detour somewhere in a corn field in SD bound and determined to find the geographical marker indicating that we were, indeed, exactly 1/4 of the way around the globe, it was these misadventures that made the journey exciting. The bumps are the parts that make the best stories, bring back the laughs and smiles, and bring the sweetest tears when you finally arrive.

So will I quit? No. Not today. We’ve hit a bump, but it is a bump on the road. It is a bump in the road on the journey we are taking.

I’m gonna get back to my wife,now but juice on. Join the journey.

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  1. Praying for you both! Give your beautiful bride a hug and kiss for me!

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