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Day 4: Confessions of a Carnivore

Status Day 4:

Starting Weight: 470   Today’s Weight: 449.8    Total Loss:  20.2 lbs    Lbs to Goal: 224.8

Today is a quiet day. It is the first actual snow of the winter for us here in East Tennessee. It is raw, cold. The skies are heavy and dark.  it is one of those days that lead to introspection whether you want it to or not. So while my breakfast of baked apple with maple raisins and cinnamon cooks, I thought I would check in on the blog and update you on my journey.

Okay, I admit it.  I am a carnivore. I am about three steps removed from steeping out of my cave, hunting something down, dragging it back to said cave and throwing it on a fire. (insert Tim Allen-esque grunt here)

I am on Day 4 of the entry program on my juicing journey which means I am still eating some foods; mostly raw, only plant. I miss meat.

I have read some articles on the net referring to meat cravings, but not much detail.  The gist of each one is bear with it; it will pass. They claim the cravings are only psychological and will pass in about 30 seconds or so. When you are in one, that is small consolation.

Last night, while watching The Mentalist, the commercials came on. Understand, I do not eat chicken much and definitely not chicken fingers. If I do eat chicken, it is fried and it is dark meat. I do love some spicy fried chicken. But last night when the commercials came on for Zaxby’s and Hardee’s hand-breaded chicken tenders, I almost cut my lip trying to bite through the television screen.

I’ve done some thinking about it this morning, and last night.  First, there is something visceral about eating meat.  I have not minded the vegetables I have eaten lately and I love the fruit but they do not have the same mouth feel, the same savory flavor, or the simple satisfaction of meat. I truly think it is something primordial with us carnivores.

Beyond that, though, there is something ingrained in us from the time that most of us were young that meat = celebration. Think about it:  Tribal customs, people celebrated when they had meat to eat. Backyard BarBQ, party. Big game on TV or tailgating, oh yeah! there will be meat. And when was the last time you celebrated a promotion or milestone in your life by gathering up the wife and kids or your buddies and saying “Hey honey, let’s go get a portabella mushroom?!” or “Hey Boss, I just landed the Windsor account let’s meat at Jamba Juice for a smoothie to celebrate?” 

Nope, that just doesn’t happen. A limp piece of lettuce does not feel as victorious as a good 12 oz.  Hereford ribeye medium rare.

So I am dealing with both the psychology and the physical side of this thing that I can refer to as nothing less than an addiction. I am told that the cravings will pass and that my “meat memory” will fade.  I am even told that I will one day hold a glass of carrot juice or the infamous “mean green” in the same high esteem that I know reserve for Registered Hereford Beef.

Perhaps so.  However, today, on this cold, blustery introspective day I am not feeling it. Who knows, this is Day 4.  I am told that “food depression” can set in now and last a couple of days.  It is all part of the detox, so I hear. So maybe those days will come. For now, though, I can’t see that far. 

Right now all I can see is my next meal and I want to kill something with flesh and eat it.

Don’t worry.  I will not give in.  I have too much to lose.  I have made a committment and will stick to it. 71 days from now, if I still have the cravings, I can invite you over for a BBQ, till then….raise your glasses high. Juice on and join the journey.

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2 thoughts on “Day 4: Confessions of a Carnivore

  1. Totally remember this! Don and I were vegans for 7 years (long story). The only thing we found to help the meat cravings were lentils. I know… doesn’t seem right but lentil loaf is awesome! You’ve made great progress! Glad you are sharing your journey. Don and I (as well as those we know up here) are praying for ya and cheering you on! This spring several of us Ohioans will be joining the reboot!

  2. Dad and Mom on said:

    So-o-o glad to read your blog and know you are on a journey back to health. Congratulations on the weight you have lost and look forward to posts about additional losses. Praying you’ll have the courage to stay by the stuff.

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