My Juicing Journey

Day 3: Detox Stinks!

Status:  Day 3                  

Starting Weight: 470        Today’s Weight: 459    Total Loss:  11 lbs      Lbs. to Goal:  239

So, Day 3 has begun.

Day 2 of the juicing journey was kinda rough. If you are following the menu plan prescribed by Joe Cross’ group, as I am, you will be eating at least 6 times a day.  I do have the benefit of being unemployed/self-employed. So what work I do, I do from home. However, that means if a customer calls, I have to jump. And that makes getting in all of these meals a bit of a challenge.  Yesterday of the 6 called for, I think I actually only ate/drank 3 or four of them. Because of that, I was a bit hungry.

On top of the hunger, though, the real kicker was detox symptoms have begun. Now, I do have the advantage of being a non-drinker so I am not having to deal with the no-alcohol while on the program issue.  However, getting rid of the years of “yuck” that my cells have accumulated over the years is taking it’s toll.

I do not have the blinding headaches that some have talked about, but I do have a persistent dull ache right above my eyes that is a bit distracting. I also have a nervous energy/aggression that seems to be showing up. My temper is a bit short and my attention span is flighty at best. Beyond that I am feeling a bit flu-like, muscles and joints all ache.

There is an article at describing some of the symptoms and the why’s of detox.  If you are not inclined to read it, then the readers digest version is these symptoms are occurring as your body is now forced to deal with the toxins we have ingested in the past.  Some of these old cells and dead tissue are being eliminated through natural processes, some may make their way out of the body through rashes, illnesses, etc. But it will pass.

The trick is to know for certain that what I am doing now is the right thing to do for my health and for my body. I spent alot of years abusing this wonderful machine that God built and gave to me.  I am having to pay for that neglect and abuse.  However, these are fleeting symptoms of what surely would have become bigger problems had I continued my previous diet (diet here meaning the food I consume in general, not a period of restricted eating so I can look good for an event).

Today, I do not feel like it but I am healthier than I was yesterday.

Today I do not look like it but I am better than I was yesterday.

Today I cannot enjoy the full benefits of the changes I’ve made, but tomorrow I will.

This is what I believe. These are the steps I am taking. This is my juicing journey.

Join the journey.  More later.

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2 thoughts on “Day 3: Detox Stinks!

  1. This is AWESOME!!!!!!!! While I can’t join this journey with you right now… I WILL join with you in the spring! I am SO proud of you!!! I am so excited to follow this journey. What an amazing journey. Definitely going to watch the documentary. I’ve lost more than 120 lbs (highest weight known was about 40-50 lbs less than actual highest) but have stalled and honestly, gone back to several of my “old” ways. Not happy or proud of it but truth is truth. I still have a long way to go, having started close to 400 lbs but one way or another, I’ll get there. I am so inspired by this journey you are one. can’t wait to share it with Don.

    • Welcome aboard, Trust me I know what the battle of the buldge is like! It is discouraging to make progress and then lose it, it makes you feel like “Why Bother…Skinny clothes and being fit must’ve been meant for someone else. Now, pass me the Hagen-Das”. You can do it, it’s just a little everyday. Doing one right thing, breaking inertia, and moving on. Then, if we fall off the wagon, getting up, forgiving ourselves, and starting over. Can’t wait to see how you do. Best of luck and welcome to the journey!

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