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Recipe 1: Spicy Pumpkin Soup

This recipe was the first of many (I’m sure) happy accidents to come. I went shopping for my supplies to begin my juicing journey and came home later than I would have liked and I was starving. Normally that would have meant stopping by the golden arches on the way home, but I have made a committment and last night…I won.

Further, my wife has turned over the responsibilities of cooking for our household to me for the new year. She wants us all to get healthier. So, while I will not make her or my kids go through the rigors of my juicing journey, when I am eating food that they can enjoy then I will serve it to them as well. They are free to participate, or not, as much as they are comfortable with.

Last night, not only was I hungry, but my wife was counting on me. So I had to blast into action as soon as I hit the door, while my daughter brought in the groceries from the car.

I “knew” I had seen a recipe for pumpkin soup on the menu. My wife loves pumpkin and soup, so I thought this would be a great intro for all of us into this new world of juicing and hybrid meals.

Accident number one: The recipe that I thought I had seen, I hadn’t. Not sure where it came from, but it was apparently an amalgamation of several different things I had read over the past few weeks while preparing to start my juicing journey. When I couldn’t find the non-existent recipe after looking for about 30 minutes, I decided to “wing it” and create my own recipe on the fly.

Accident number two: When reaching into your spice cabinet, do not be in a hurry. Red-Wine vinegar and Red Cooking Wine look very similar! I had already started my onions and garlic “sweating” in the soup pot. When I poured about a tablespoon of the vinegar into the mix. I didn’t realize my mistake until I whiffed the unpleasant aroma of steaming vinegar. My wife was very gracious (and hungry) she said “Don’t pour it out and start over, I don’t think it will hurt much. We can try it”

So I regained my composure and continued on. The result was better than I had expected, even before my accident. I was dubious about pumpkin soup. I as a rule, do not like foods that are sweet and hot. My only experience with pumpkin to date was pumpkin pie and pumpkin bread. So I assumed that pumpkin itself was sweet. I was pleasantly surprised.

With that as an entrance, here is MY Spicy Pumpkin Soup recipe, as best as I can recall.

Spicy Pumpkin Soup:
Fresh pumpkin if in season, if not use a can of pumkin. (joe cross’ website says that is good exchange so I’ll go with it)
6 cups of organic, low-sodium, vegetable broth or chicken broth (or make your own)
1 onionSeveral cloves of garlic (to taste)
2 Carrots1 apple
Cold-Pressed EVOOChili Powder
Splash of Red Wine Vinegar
Splash of Red cooking wine (I used marsala)
Sea Salt
Black Pepper
Few leaves of rosemary

  • Chop onion to a medium dice and place in soup pot with a splash of Olive Oil. Stir to coat onions and turn stove to medium heat to carmelize the onions.
  • Mince garlic and add to the pot once the onions are about half-way cooked. They should be just starting to become translucent
  • Once onions and garlic are almost done, add 1 cup of cool water to slow down the cooking. Add vinegar and red wine. Reduce heat to simmer while you finish everything else.
  • Cut the apple in half. Peel one half set the other half aside. Core the peeled apple and cut into large rustic pieces. Set the pieces aside.
  • Peel carrots, remove ends. Slice one of the carrots into thin chips and add to the pot.
  • Add 5 cups of broth to the pot and turn heat back up to med – medium high.
  • Add can of pumpkin to the pot and stir to combine with the liquid.
  • Core the remaining half of apple, and chop carrot into three or four pieces. Place carrot and apple half along with 1 cup of broth into a blender. (I use a vita-mix) Set to High and let puree. For me this takes about 30 seconds. Your blender may take longer.
  • Add the puree to the pot. This puree will do two things. One it will open alot of the flavors in these ingredients. Two, it will serve as a thickening agent as it cooks to give your soup a luscious creamy texture without adding the calories of cream.
  • Stir ingredients together, let cook until soup is hot and carrots are al dente.
  • Add chunks of apple, sea salt, black pepper, and chili powder (to taste).
  • Let the soup cook for about 5 minutes and serve.

You could use this with a good salad, or as an appetizer. We broke out the soup mugs and made it our entrée. Even with the mistakes and the added time delay my wife and I were both really pleased with the final result. Her quote. “This is really good, there are alot of flavors going on here” and “If you hadn’t told me you made the vinegar mistake, I wouldn’t have known it.”

My take on it. Not as sweet as I had feared it might be. Actually more on the savory side and the chili powder really added a nice zing to it.

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