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My Taste Test of “Mean Green”

I am in the “Entry Phase” of juicing, as descirbed on Joe Cross’ website During this phase, I actually still get to use my mandibles, as my body is prepared for juicing full-time.

I have to get my gut and intestines flushed out and get the flora in-shape to be able to process the new nutrient intense diet I am beginning. During this phase, you also learn how to juice so you get it right by the time you are exclusively juicing.

So, today was my first day to try “Mean Green” the juice that revolutionized Joe’s life and countless others after him.  Here is the recipe. (scroll down to mid morning juice)

I told you I would review and post all of my experiences, here.  So here goes:


It is very easy to make.  it took me about 2 minutes of prep time and 60 seconds in the vitamix.

I was surprised that it actually tastes good. Not, Braum’s Ice Cream good, but good none the less.

Is it possible to get a “high” from veggies?  If so, i think i just had one.  Definitely feel a surge of energy about 30 minutes after “eating” this.


Okay, the taste is good.  But, as good as the taste is, the texture is awful.  It felt like I was coating my mouth with a fuzzy green angora sweater.  Admittedly that may be my fault.  Juicing uisng a juicer is different that what my vitamix does, which is basically a blender on steroids. A juicer will separate out the pulp from the liquids, mine just emulsifies everything.  I will say this, if you will be using a vitamix or other similar thing, brace yourself for the texture, and then. let it settle a bit.  the liquids go to the bottom and the solids get carried to the top with the foam.  I found it more enjoyable after they separated and I was able to drink only the juice.

The color can be off-putting at first.  Let’s face it, no food except green m&m’s should EVER be that color. It looks like an 80’s movie radioactive sludge prop.  But after staring at it a bit, the bright green color actually started to look cheery.  So maybe its just a matter of perspective.

All in all, I have to say, if this is as bad as it gets, I can handle this. Texture aside, its good and I like the energy rush I felt.  As my body detoxes I am starting to get headaches, they are mild right now, but people tell me they can get intense.  If they do, I’ll let you know.

Tomorrow I am going to experiment with adding water and halving the ingredients to see if I can get something more the consistency of juice and less like pethy cold soup. I’ll let you know.

Till then, juice on and join the journey.

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