My Juicing Journey

Day 1: The Great Grocery Store Bill-fold Robbery

I now know why it took a former stock trader/investment advisor/venture capitalist like Joe Cross to start this juicing revolution! OH, MY WORD! I went shopping to lay in supplies for the next couple of weeks. I spent a car payment on groceries, no literally a car payment: $383.00. (actually, that is more than I have ever spent on a car payment.)

For some of you, that may be normal. However, before I ever began getting me healthy, I got our finances healthy at the Robinson household. I have no debt and we drive what I lovingly refer to as “Dave Ramsey” cars. Part of that process was controlling my spending and that began at the grocery store. There was a time period in the early 2000’s when I was a single dad that I successfully fed a family of 3 for less than $125 per month. So this was sticker shock to say the least.

I know for some of you this will be the reason that you do not go on this journey with me. You will look at the expense and think you can’t do it. Part of this blog is going to be aimed at tearing down excuses and breaking down walls. So let me start with this one.

Let’s acknowledge the problem: Juicing is expensive.

However, so is a heart attack. How much are diabetes meds. How much do people spend to alleviate high-blood pressure, visiting the doctor, time off work? Those are expensive too. That is also reality especially for the 30-plus percent of Americans that are morbidly obese. If you could eventually eliminate or reduce one of those ailments, you could save enough to pay for this.

We acknowledged the problem now let’s look at some other realities that will soften the blow a bit.

While I did spend over 380 dollars on my first trip to the grocery store, much of that was on what i will call “staples.” These are items that will last for the duration of my 75-plus day fast and many of them are optional. Spices are expensive, but I figured if I was going to be eating and juicing for the next 3 months or so, I better be able to make the foods flavorful, interesting, and enjoyable otherwise ennui would set it and I would be back to the same old comfort foods that made me uncomfortably fat for so long.

For example, I bought a gallon of extra-virgin, cold-pressed Olive Oil, that was $20. But by buying in bulk it will be cheaper over the long haul. I bought grape seed and mustard seed oil, both are pricey and both are things I have never purchased before. I also spent over $30 on things like NM Chili Powder, Whole Nutmeg, Tumeric, Curry Powder, and Garam Masala. Things that you could leave off of your list or go with cheaper alternatives.

Once you take out the staples the actual FOOD COST of what I purchased was only about $275. That number can be further reduced by discounting things like ginger root, yucca root, and the basil, rosemary, oregano, and thyme plants because they will last me the duration of my journey. I have a degree in business and am an MBA student, so expect to see full financial breakdowns of the entire journey throughout these blog posts.

So true food costs, the stuff I will be eating every day, was actually only about $200 and that should get me through the first 21-days. Amortize that out and it comes down to $9.52 per day. The last time I went to Wendy’s: A number 2, super-sized with a medium Frosty “$8.47 at the first window. Please pull around and have a nice day.”

So, eating on take out meal was only a dollar cheaper than one of my nutritional meals. And that meal from Wendy’s is going to kill me, the one from home will hopefully keep me alive, clear up my leg, and help me lose weight. If it had been a sit down meal at the local Mexican restaurant that I love so much it would have cost me about $12. So I am ahead.

What I am saying is be honest. Sure, this juicing is going to be expensive. But so are the alternatives and so is the food you are currently eating. The difference is right now what you are doing you are paying for in dribs-and-drabs so you don’t feel the weight of it all at once, pun intended.

Bear in mind also that I am beginning my juicing journey in the dead of winter. While America is blessed with an abundance of food year-round, it has to be shipped. C’mon you didn’t think that ears of corn can be found in nature in January did you? That adds costs to these things. I am going to be talking to my local county extension agent today to find out which local farms have greenhouse fresh produce available. Also, this spring and summer I will be joining a CSA, and will have my own garden up and growing again. So the costs can come down, if that is an issue for you, by doing this in the summer, by buying local, and buying either off-the-truck or from a u-pick.

I came home last night and my family was hungry so I had to start making my first meal. We had a wonderful pumpkin soup. I will share that recipe in the recipe section. For now though, I have groceries to put away. More later.

Join the Juicing Journey.

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